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I have nothing useful to put here, so I'm going to tell you that instead of leaving it blank

Apartment complex wants to replace the windows of everyone in the building. That's, like, 100 units. They sent out notices to everyone at the same time, saying they'd enter some unspecified amount of time later to put in the new windows, and that to help them we had to move all items '3-6 feet' away from the windows.

With some sweating and cursing, I managed 3 feet, barely. But my apartment isn't very livable with the furniture all moved out of position -- you can't sit on the couch, for example, or use the printer, and it takes some gymnastics to get to the closet or the alarm clock. And so far it's been three days, and the total number of windows replaced is zero, although they did strip the siding off the building on the corner near my apartment. Maybe I'll be one of the first?

Been trying to work long hours at work, but it's really draining. By wednesday I'm ready for a weekend. By thursday night I'm usually staring at the screen like a zombie. And then I spend all day friday screwing around on the internet...

Supposedly, it's national coming out day. I can't 'come out' in the traditional sense because I haven't yet completed the full suite of tests to finalize my jumper settings, but I can say:

(1) I'm a dystopian. I believe that the best form of government is one imposed on the people by an inhuman force -- generally, some sort of out-of-control artificial intelligence -- because what people like most is to make other people suffer, so liberty and tyranny are both fatally flawed as guiding principles. The entity in charge needs to be *insane*.

(1a) I love the idea of unmanned drones shooting missiles, but it's a shame they still have to be remote controlled, for now.

(2) I supported the war in Iraq. I don't like that it was horribly botched, to the point where it ended up doing more harm than good, for what are probably entirely forseeable reasons. If I was running the war it would have gone a lot differently, although I'm not willing to swear to 'better'. I hate Bush because he's an incompetent buffoon who surrounds himself with the sort of people who like to take advantage of incompetent buffoons.

(2a) As a joke, I once said that I was in favor of any policy that resulted in things exploding. It's... not entirely a joke. Exploding is a big bonus.

(3) Religiously, I believe in fictionalism. All religions (including atheism) are obviously made up (not the same thing as 'false'), but acting as if they were true can make people happier. Also, it's a lot of fun to talk about the ramifications of a battle between the Invisible Pink Unicorn and the Eye of Sauron, or the details of how the God of Abraham might have created the universe in seven days ('Was the earth rotating then? He could make the days arbitrarily long...'). You just have to remember that since your religion is only true within its own domain (aka, 'for the sake of argument'), you are in the wrong if you attempt to impose your views on other people, and you're kind of... eccentric if you significantly inconvenience yourself for its sake.

(3a) The reason I don't actually celebrate any holidays is because I'm lazy -- even if I believed that Judaism or something was the One True Religion, I still wouldn't bother.

(4) I'm pretty sure I'm Neutral as far as Dungeon and Dragons alignment is concerned. This may be because any real person is going to think of ways in which they're good, evil, lawful, and chaotic by its standards, and only laughable charictures would actually fit into any particular alignment, though. Or it may be because everyone sees themselves as normal and judges other people in relation to that.

(4a) I usually aspire to be chaotic good... law just rubs me the wrong way. For extra credit, reconcile this with (1) above.
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