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Not a good day.

We hit ZBB (Zero Bug Bounce), so we *should* be able to cut back to normal workloads. I certainly wasn't planning to stay late, even if somehow I had six bugs on my list first thing in the morning.

But the bug I was working on was... annoying. It wasn't *hard* -- thank GOD it wasn't hard, because it took almost an hour to repro. AFTER I hacked the code to make it run faster for this case. God forbid the testers actually spend time narrowing down the bug...

Initial repro: 1 hour.
Repeated repro, because visual studio crashed at a key step: 1 hour.
Looking at source code after seeing which general area was broken, which the tester could have put in the fucking bug if they gave a rat's ass because it was displayed in a fucking dialog: 15 minutes
Oh, duh.
Writing a fix...
...waiting for source depot to check out the first file for the fix: 10 minutes.
...waiting for source depot to check out the SECOND file for the fix:

Okay, you get the picture. About then source depot started running like a sloth in cement shoes. By the time I'd written the simple, four line fix (in four different files, ugh) it was getting on quittin' time.

NOT A BAD THING: They did give us nerf guns to celebrate hitting ZBB, so while it was compiling, I ran around like a kid shooting little darts at people. That was fun.

Anyway, I compiled it, tested it on the simple case (which required entering data in six cells and running one additional command), tested it on the actual 12-meg 40-sheet 200-pivot-table repro file (I got it down to about a half hour by doing this in the ship build, since I wasn't debugging this time), started writing up the fix... oops, I forgot a case, which would require a one-line change in another file. By now, source depot was even SLOWER.

So, anyway, it was about seven before I was ready to go home. All that was left to do was sync, so that I could do full builds overnight and send the thing to triage in the morning. Sync source depot. Yeah, that didn't work. At eight o'clock, I got mail from Erik telling everyone that he was looking at why SD was so slow, and the first thing he'd try was killing old stale processes. About ten minutes later, my sync died. Thanks.

Anyway, I kicked off another sync and just headed home... we're only one day past ZBB, the bug can sit on the list another day. It's not like it didn't have five [checks list] eight other bugs to keep it company.

I got home to find that the damn contractors replacing the windows had left my door unlocked. They'd come in just as I was leaving for work.

"Can we come in and fix the windows? We'll only take one or two hours."
"I'm about to leave for work..."
"That's okay, we'll go to the leasing office and get a key to lock up."

Apparently, that didn't happen. It looks like they also ate lunch or something in my apartment, from the trash they left lying around. Nothing's missing, at least.

And the windows have SCREENS! YAY!

They also managed to destroy one of the powerstrips at my computer desk... well, okay, I don't know for sure if I can blame them for that, although it was working in the morning and dead when I got home. And, you know, they did talk about plugging in electric saws, and it's a really old powerstrip.

But at least my furniture's back in the right place, even if I haven't gotten around to getting all the wires plugged back in. v.v
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