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This is my own damn fault. I know very well that if I eat too many of those jalepenos I get painful, repeated toilet visits every fifteen minutes or so the next day. I knew it when I put them on the salad yesterday, only I somehow convinced myself that I wasn't putting on too many. Even though I put on a double handful.

This is not helping my productivity. Or my mood. I feel worn out and drained, as if, I don't know, I had some sort of explosive diarrhea that made me keep running for the toilet every fifteen minutes, or something. No, wait, not or something, that.

This would be the perfect time for some sort of extradimensional horror to pop out of the fifth corner of my office that my mind refuses to see, wrap me up in slimy tentacles, and drag me back to its lair to devour me. Not that I expect that to happen, or anything. Just saying.

Also, someone decided to put my e-mail address on the 'reply-to' line of a bunch of spam (and some other random e-mail address on the from line, and some other random e-mail address on the to line, it's not exactly a high-tech spoof), so I've been getting a bunch of bounces. I sent the headers and complaints to all relevant postmasters, but it's been, like, a whole day and it's still happening, so I've started reporting them as spam. Earthlink claims to have a spam filter, maybe it'll start filtering them out?
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