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Okay, there was a weird smell in my apartment, that I *thought* was paint fumes from the window installation.

But after a couple days, and leaving the windows open to air out, it hadn't gone away, and I went looking for the real source. Tonight, I found it. In the kitchen of all places -- I never go in there.

Apparently, a jug of drano had gotten a leak. Highly acidic goop leaked into the cabinet, then dripped out the door to pool on the counter. It was kind of pretty -- like a white, scruffy icicle of crystalized nastiness.

But aside from the fumes, it managed to eat away the paint on the countertop (revealing a lovely floral pattern) and once I scraped away the icicle-thing, there was about a cubic inch of wood missing from the cabinet, completely dissolved.

...I don't think I'm getting my deposit back.
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