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Tabula Rasa, again

It kind of grows on you, although it remains buggy and (at times) unfair.

I played it a bunch over the weekend, when I wasn't playing CoV, and finished the stupid Wilderness Targets of Opportunity quest to get a clone credit that let me clone by soldier before reaching 15, which let both him and his clone reach 15 and get their own clone credit instead of having to waste that one on that branch. Since a clone is the only way to respec, that's important. Important enough to grind out 250 assault and defense tokens? Well... I did it, so I guess so, but man that was tedious.

Tedious because assaults and defenses happened so seldom, not because they themselves were boring. The enemies used mixed groups which made the game a lot more interesting than the normal 'this is the area where snipers spawn, this is the area where soldiers spawn, this is the area where predators spawn' that most of Wilderness has.

And when I went on to the Divide, most of the enemy groups were at least a *little* bit mixed, although you do have to go to the actual assault areas to really see it.

I also found out what all the extra Logos are for -- they're for opening locked doors. Later on, apparently, they're also for translating stuff.

Anyway, I'm actually enjoying the game now, so I'm glad I didn't give up on it after one session. It's still more like WoW where you only form pick-up groups for the special instances and they're pretty lame, so I doubt it'll have any long-term appeal, but we'll see.

Oh, and I saw Beowolf -- you know, I never realized until I watched the movie that Beowolf was written by H P Lovecraft, but in retrospect it's really obvious.
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