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Here comes the flood...

I missed the triage meeting at work this morning because it took me a half hour to drive two miles, because the roads were flooded, and the cops reacted by helpfully closing off random lanes. Not the lanes that were flooded, or at least not all the lanes that were flooded, just... random bits of lanes here and there, so that not only were we driving through knee-deep water, we were swerving back and forth around slowly drowning traffic cones.

My shoes stayed *mostly* waterproof walking around before work... a little damp, but probably the sort of dampness that snuck in through the shoelace eyelets. This is good because they're still fairly new.

I really need to do laundry. It's been a week since I absolutely had to laundry right then because I was down to one set of pants, but I haven't been able to make myself, it's such a chore. x.x

Oh, and last night I watched the first part of Tin Man. It's pretty impressive the way they came up with a new twist on the story, made up plenty of nice CG sets and monsters, wrote *fairly* decent dialogue, and then gave the lead role to someone who can't act. And I'm not a good judge of acting or anything, she's really really really really bad. You know in Venture Brothers when the Monarch was trying to get the prostitute to act like Dr. Girlfriend? She's like that. It's like the actual actor couldn't show up for the filming, so they asked one of the marketing interns to stand in for her.

The evil witch is really cool, though -- batshit loony instead of just evil. Also, monkeys fly out of her boobs.
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