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Party time, excellent!

Ship party at work today -- and the all hands meeting, which they tricked us into showing up for. Man, those are sooo boring. But after the hour and a half of dozing off while people said words one after the other that somehow failed to parse into sentences and/or concepts, there was a half hour or so of juggling (with a pretty decent juggler/comedian) followed by the actual party.

They had food, and billiards, of course, and of course me and Geoff and Doug and Joe and Brooke went off to play a game of Power Grid (which I lost pretty badly, because I failed to buy the last power plant larger than 3 to show up in the game at all, not realizing that it was the last power plant larger than three that was going to show up, since we were still in phase 1 at that point).

The Parlor place also had a big Rock Band setup, and that was the star of the night, though -- we were playing right next to it, so we got to hear all the horrible karaoke and stuff, and sing along for the songs everyone loved to sing along with (like 'Dead or Alive').

It also had an open wireless internet thing going, so I was able to play around with the i-pod touch's browser-thing. Oh, yeah, we also got i-pod touches as ship gifts yesterday.

Anyway, the interface is pretty intuitive and all, but there are some problems I've been having with it:

(1) How the hell do you lock it? Waiting for it to auto-lock after a minute can lead to aggravation when you want to lock it because you're about to drop it in your pocket. (EDIT: There's a little button to lock it instantly, that I finally managed to find this morning. Phew.)

(2) Related, perhaps, sometimes going over a bump in the car will make it pause. This is easy enough to fix (the screen is bright enough to see from the driver's seat, unlike the original ipod) but still annoying.

(3) When you rotate it 90 degrees, it'll sometimes switch to a different UI mode entirely, offering completely separate options... but rotating it back doesn't usually get picked up on, so you get kinda stuck in that mode until you convince it it's right side up again.

Watching you-tube and checking my e-mail while at a party was pretty cool, though. I'm not much of a party person.
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