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This was... not a good day.

I was already feeling a little snappish by the time I went to pick up Snowwolf for the game tonight. "Oh, by the way, we need to pick up Kat on the way."

"She's not on the way. She's about fifteen minutes out of the way. I think she's on the way from Murdock's place, why can't he pick her up?"

"He's back to driving the Jeep, isn't he?"

"Well, I guess I can try taking Coal Creek Parkway instead of the freeway... that'll take us past her house, but there's a reason I don't usually go that way. The traffic can be really bad, and it's a bit of a roundabout route."

Getting to Coal Creek the traffic was horrible, so we were stuck for like a half hour in stop and go traffic, while my new ipod touch demonstrated that it really wasn't all that compatible with my current dock -- the charge light kept lighting up either bright red (battery is fully discharged) or bright green (battery is fully charged), and every time it switched, the ipod would spontaneously pause.

Eventually I gave up and switched to the radio. Which immediately shifted to commercial. Station 2 was doing a stupid talk segment, and stations 3 and 4 were both playing rap. Urgh. x.x I switched back to the damn commercial, since it was the least annoying option.

Once we actually got onto Coal Creek things started speeding up, though -- maybe this was the right choice? Then I had to brake fairly hard for a stoplight to avoid running a red light, and got rear-ended. About two seconds later. I guess he'd expected me to run the red light.

There didn't seem to be any damage, though, so since the light was turning green we raced back to our cars and headed onwards. It was a pain finding Kat's place, but at least there was a parking space right out front of her building. Snowwy called her up, and she said she'd be down in a few minutes, since she was in the bathroom. I turned off the engine, but left the radio on, and fifteen minutes later the car died.

And wouldn't start again. It didn't look like a dead battery because the battery light was still at half -- apparently there'd been some damage in the collision that hadn't kicked in right away? So I called the stupid roadside assistance program to have them send a tow truck. It took the call center in India an hour to get in touch with a sort-of-local truck... I wasn't on hold for the ENTIRE hour at least, just about fifteen minutes. Then another five minute call while I proved to them that the dealership was still open. Then another call while they told me they hadn't found anything yet, but were still looking. Then...

The estimate for the tow truck was an hour. Lazar showed up about then to spirit Snowwy and Kat away, but I stayed behind to wait for the truck. It came early, and I went to show the driver what was wrong with the car, and... it started. Five times in a row.

So I drove it to the dealership, and told them about the problem, and they were like 'oh, you ran the battery down leaving the radio and lights on with the engine off."

"But the battery was still at half charge."

"Not the main batteries, there's a little 12-volt battery that starts the car and stuff. While it was sitting turned off for an hour it recharged from the main batteries, so it started again after the wait. Your car's fine."

At the time, I believed them, so I headed back down (...) to Renton and join Lazar and company for the rest of the night. We got a little bit of gaming in (I'll describe that later) and talked about Kat's character for the next game.

In retrospect, though, I'm not so sure... I mean, I've run the radio for longer than that before without trouble. Maybe I *did* have the lights on, or maybe something else is up.

Maybe it's the i-pod. The bright red 'I need to keep charging this really badly' LED is kind of a scary thing -- the ipod was turned off but plugged in during the wait; maybe it was shorting out and draining the battery to dev-null at a furious pace? Or maybe some wire or something did get dislodged in the crash.

Ugh. v.v I guess I'll worry about that more Monday. Or not worry about it more if nothing happens by then. Mom flew back into town for the weekend, so I'll need to spend time with them the next couple days.
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