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Jonathan Coulton

He did Still Alive, which basically got him noticed, at least by me. But he does have other songs, and a few of them are even good.

I Feel Fantastic -- "All I know, is that steak tastes better when I take my 'steak tastes better' pill."

Creepy Doll -- "And when you fix a snack the doll says it will want one too."

Chiron Beta Prime -- "They carry weapons and they know if you've been bad or good. Not everybody's good but everyone tries."

Re: Your Brains -- "I don't wanna nitpick Tom, but is this really your plan? Spend your whole life locked inside a mall?"

The Future Soon -- "There's nowhere she can hide when a crazy cyborg wants to make you his robot bride."

Skullcrusher Mountain -- "I've been patient, I've been gracious, and this mountain is covered with wolves."

Betty And Me -- "Betty was pretty firm about our baby being human, I said we should give him wings and a nice prehensile tail."

I Crush Everything -- "My body's strong, my will is weak. I've got great arms, but I hate my beak."

Mandelbrot Set -- "You're a heart-shaped box of strings and wires, you're one bad-ass fucking fractal."

That line always makes me giggle, so I put it on a poster:

Anyway, he's got like a bazillion other songs, but they're mostly forgettable. So I figured I'd point out the good ones.
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