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Anyway, since I have a new computer I decided to get a couple recent games that I hadn't picked up yet -- the Orange Box and Hellgate: London. I installed the second since I was more in the mood for a diablo clone than more FPS.

With the default settings, it ran like a pig, but I didn't have to turn things down much before it was smooth, so it still looked pretty nice. And the game itself is kinda fun, although more like a first person (well, third person) shooter than I'd like. It's got a good variety of enemies and spells (I started out playing a Cabalist), and I'd probably like it a lot more if it didn't crash every hour or two.

It's leaky. Leaky as a sieve. After about an hour or two of playing (depending on... I'm not sure what, really) it puts up an out of memory alert and quits to the desktop. Since it uses the diablo-II save system, where the levels are regenerated every time, that means that you keep your experience and loot, but lose progress on your quests, for the most part, unless your quest was 'kill X' or something.

I'm not sure, but I think that that might be enough to kill the whole game for me. If it was less frequent -- that is, if the four-hour stint I managed last night was typical, and not the one-hour sessions I've been able to manage today -- it'd be acceptable, but as it is it's hard to actually accomplish anything before it dies.
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