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Worst Wedding EVER

We had a session of the Eberron campaign today, which was mostly just one big battle, since we let the lesser minions herd us to the boss's chamber instead of fighting them separately.

The party rested the night in the ice caverns, and woke the next morning to a bitter, bitter cold -- cold enough that they had no choice but to put on the cursed white gloves that offered the cold subtype (and a few other irrelevant powers) but couldn't be removed.

They proceeded into the castle. They had to pass through the slave quarters, where zombielike (but not undead) slaves waited on a bunch of nonhostile white abishai. The party considered wiping out the devils, but decided to leave them be -- why fight more people than you had to? As the devils closed in behind them, cutting off their retreat, the answer was clear, but by then it was too late, as the very next room held the boss.

The boss was a massive dragon-shaped construct wearing prismatic armor, standing before the table Efneisien had seen in the vision and the others had seen in the prophecy. "FOOL!" the giant said to the kid with them, "YOUR PROPHECY WILL NOT COME TO PASS!"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Zeffy replied, "We were told to come here for a wedding."

"THERE WILL BE NO WEDDING!" And the fight began.

The giant wasn't technically invulnerable, but he might has well have been - 30 AC, DR 15/admantium and good, golem and devil immunities. Efneisien and the useless NPCs had to hold a 5-round ceremony (that was as much as the wedding ceremony could be compressed) without being interrupted, while already in reach of the giant's whip.

So everyone else had to run interference and distraction -- apes to keep him from moving closer, illusions and glitterdust and clouds of mist to block his view, haste and a circle of protection against evil to try to deflect his attacks, a windwall to block his breath weapon, and then most everyone tried to grapple him. Their greatest ally was his overconfidence, though -- until he was blinded, he attacked the party members pestering him instead of the ceremony, and once he was blinded it was too late -- his first overrun attempt was stopped by Heyyou, his breath weapon by the windwall...

So he called for his abishai to join in. Cht'cht and Efneisien's summoned hound archon blocked them on the stairs, but a few made their SR checks against the archon's circle and got one attack off on the 'lovers', but between buffs and the mist they missed -- and didn't get a second attack, since they weren't nearly as tough as the big guy. The giant's last attempt was to charge forwards blindly to trample the priest... but Efneisien simply chose not to stop the overrun attempt, and the giant barreled on down the stairs, tripping over the hound archon and going sprawling into his own host of devils.

And then the ceremony was complete! The table glowed, and the creepy kid ran, hasted (he'd been standing close enough, and was ostensibly an ally at that point), to the throne, cackling and sending bolts of lightining shooting out to disintegrate the devils (including one that Zeffy had charmed -- nooooo!) and the giant's armor. Worried, Efnesien cast another detect evil spell... and this time, the kid wasn't hiding his alignment. He was evil TOO. But chaotic evil, instead of lawful evil, so that much was good.

Of course, most of the party was inside a cloud of mist, so they didn't see much other than lightning shooting around and the evil cackling, but Efneisien clued them in.

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