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I'm a good driver, really!

I'm just not so good with the whole 'inanimate objects' thing. What are they doing on or near the road, anyway?

Tonight's encounter was with one of those little cement curbs between lanes. I was trying to decide what to eat, and at the last moment decided to turn left into a parking lot, but when I looked back over my shoulder to check my blindspot, I wasn't looking ahead of me to see that the left turn lane wasn't supposed to be switched into at the last second, with a little cement curb-thing to enforce that.

Fortunately, my car has enough clearance to straddle a little cement curb-thing and still have all four tires on the ground, so I was able to wiggle my way off it. And nothing seems to be damaged... nothing's *leaking* anyway.

I think I prefer the cement pillars I kept scraping against with my last car, though.
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