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Team Pointless 2

Last night I finally finished Half Life 2 Episode 2, with the epically aggravating battle against the walkers. All through the game, hunters were the really annoying enemies that always sucked up your health and ammo even if therew as only one, and in that stage you had to take about about twenty of them. With a time limit. At least there was plenty of health and energy around, but not much ammo -- I think I was down to my pistol by the end of it. I know I was out of rockets, crossbow bolts, shotgun shells, and both primary and secondary machine gun ammo at any rate, and used a pistol to take down the last one.

The Magnussen devices were also really finicky -- half the time they'd bounce off instead of sticking. The last walker deflected three of them before I finally got one to stick, and then Magnussen had the nerve to say his devices worked flawlessly, in the cutscene. Ha!

But anyway, after that I decided to try out the fifth part of the Orange Box, Team Fortress 2. And if I thought the walker stage was aggravating...

I played for an hour, trying out about five different classes. During that hour, my team lost every single stage of every single game. I got a total of three points, and maybe 5 kills. These facts may be connected!

Also, in the 'insult to injury' file:
"As a consolation, you did more damage as a scout this time than any other try as a scout! You did ___6___ points of damage!"

And of course, I then got to spend all night dreaming about the futility of playing in first person shooters all night long. In the dream the enemies literally had godmode, instead of just seeming to be invincible like in actual play.
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