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Travel in which Weird Things Happen

Friday night we had a session of Lazar's Shadake game, in which nothing important happened, probably because we kept getting sidetracked.

After loading up some carts with copperwood, the party travelled for four days, to reach a city. They set up a schedule of watches, because nature seemed to be greatly disturbed -- after several days of this, Kit suggested that Mira might be to blame -- or rather, more fate-spiders who disliked her might be to blame, although since they weren't insane the happenstance wasn't deadly.

Events of note:
Crafting! Cho made Kit a high-quality copperwood staff that was easier to parry (and, technically, attack) with. Bob made himself a high-quality copperwood fiddle. Kit offered to write special runes on everyone's armor to make it easier for him to cast beneficial spells on them. Cho took him up on that, but no one else would.

Hunting! A deer was standing in the middle of the road. "Mmm, lunch," said Bob. "One roast deer coming right up," replied Kit. FOOSH. "Okay, now tie her up before she wakes." "Um... it's burned beyond recognition." "What, you don't think I'd use *real* fire?" The temporary nature of Kit's attack spells was amply demonstrated, as the doe's incineration continued to heal even after Bob slit her throat. Kit did remember enough woodcraft to butcher the deer, tan its hide, dry some meat, and (sigh) make condoms for Bob out of its intestines. "I've been living in this area for a thousand years, you pick this sort of thing up."

Forging! Gerard, the forger they'd rescued, made Kit a stamp that would work in place of his lost signet ring. Strangely, he didn't need to ask Kit for the pattern of a Briarridge signet ring... apparently, he'd made that design before. Kit, of course, used it to give Tess citizenship papers. "Oh, can I have some papers too?" He ended up making papers for everyone, including two sets for Bob and *seven* for Gerard. He didn't really have to *forge* them since he *was* the (ex) duke of Briarridge, just use the fake signet and back-date them to before his death.

Bob discovered that his Drakivolki had a very, VERY nice singing voice. As a bard (you're a BARD?) this was a very good thing. He also discovered, while trying to figure out whether he was in a male or female body, that Drakivolki had a dragon-style cloaca -- 'only one hole'. That was a dealbreaker, good voice or no.

When coming up with a watch schedule, they had to vote which of them (other than Gerard, which none of them knew) was least trustworthy. Kit 'won' almost unanimously, and as a result was forced to take one of the easy watches, when most people would still be awake.

Anyway, they eventually got to the city, where... my god... everything was soooo expensive! They decided to take the copperwood straight to the dock, to try to trade it directly for passage, instead of losing money on each of several transactions. On the way, Kit and Bob nearly came to blows in the street over the nature of evil vs. free will.

Paraphrased and much compressed:
Bob: "Of course you're evil. You keep casting spells on people without asking, that takes away their free will! Like that horrible mind-control spell you used on Tess!"
Kit: "The only spells I've cast on friends without asking are beneficial. The spell on Tess was a simple healing spell, healing her of her immediate panic. She changed her mind about what to do as a result because she was thinking clearly."
Tess: "Actually, I was mostly confused, and scared, since I didn't know what the hell you did to me."
Cho: "But Kit *did* ask before casting the enlarge spell, after the first time."
Bob: "Taking away peoples' free will is always evil! Nothing matters except for people to be able to make their own choices."
Kit: "Nonsense, if someone's going to make the wrong choice, you have the moral obligation to take that choice away from them. Besides, you go around killing so callously, isn't that the most drastic form of robbing someone of their free will that there is?"
Bob: "That's different, they're evil. You keep casting spells on people who are innocent."

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