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Mirror Mirror

Today, we finished up Shawn's icy adventure of doooom. The party was forced to engage in PvP against, well, themselves. And Zeffy demonstrated that having a low will save means you're the bard's bitch.

So, the wedding was completed, the devils were banished, the invulnerable giant was destroyed, the little kid started laughing maniacally, and the mist cleared (dispelled) to show that the party was now trapped in the throne room, between two icy walls, while the kid cackled evilly at them.

Kid: "Are you ready for my mommy to judge you?"

Iggy: "Who's your mommy?"

Kid: "[insert name of evil frost god here]"

Zeffy: "Um... what alignment is your mommy? And I'd rather not be judged, thanks."

Kid: "Sorry, you have to be judged. Are you ready?"

Chitchit: "Fine, just get it over with already."

Mommy: "Ahhh... for rescuing my child, I will not kill you immediately. Choose: Vow to serve me forever, or fight for your lives!"

Zeffy: "This vow... is it magically enforced? Say, if we took the vow, and changed our mind later, could we just sort of break it with no consequences?"

Iggy: "I don't think she's going to accept your vow if you put it *that* way, Zeffy."

So, they had to fight... magical dopplegangers of themselves! With all their abilities and equipment! Except... that Efneisien's double was Kaevan, his barbarian alternate personality.

So, Iggy cast an explosive cascade, injuring several of the icy enemies, while nega-Iggy cast fly to get out of range of melee, not wanting to be cut to pieces by Heyyou and Chitchit. Efnesien also decided to fly up into the air out of melee. The Heyyous and Chitchits and Kaevan got into a big, mostly ineffective melee. Then Zeffy cast suggestion on Kaevan, suggesting that their *real* common enemy was the kid, and that he should chop through the (invulnerable) ice wall and attack him, instead. With his -1 will save against a DC of 19...

Nega-Zeffy tried the same thing on Chit-Chit, but Chit-chit's will save was decent, and it failed. Then Heyyou managed to break out of the furball and take down Nega-Zeffy in one hit, and it all started to unravel for the bad guys. Efneisien used his 'teaching rod' on Nega-Heyyou until he was harmless, Zeffy's bard song gave Chitchit a very dramatic edge over his double, and when the evil gods dispelled the suggestion on Kaevan to make things more fun, Zeffy just cast a Tasha Hideous Laughter's on him the next round -- she had a lot more spell slots than he had rounds to live, with Chitchit free to focus on him and him unable to fight back.

Unfortunately, nega-Iggy was flying up out of everyone's reach, and his own explosive cascade killed Heyyou. Real-Iggy managed to nauseate him with a cloud of bewilderment, though, then plink both him and nega-Heyyou to, well, unconsciousness with his wand of magic missiles and some acid orbs. Nega-Iggy wasn't unconscious for long, though... the falling damage from plummeting 40 feet finished him off pretty thoroughly.

So the good guys won... mostly. As the doubles died, they were all sucked back into their bodies, except for Heyyou -- when Heyyou died, he was sucked into the double's body, and after the fight, the double seemed to be just like him, only lacking his memory. "I am Heyyou, please insert girder."

"So, we're worthy, now what?" 'Now what' was apparently to be allowed to leave. They couldn't even rescue the slaves, since instead of being zombielike they were now all obviously charmed, and didn't want to leave.

"If you want to be further rewarded, travel to Ice Keep and kill the minister there, who still worships my enemy..." the god's voice came to them, in their heads.

"Ooooh, kill someone for the evil god who just made us fight to the death for her own amusement, so that we can get twice *nothing*? We'll, uh, consider it. After we finish all our current work."

As it turned out, though, their reward wasn't actually nothing -- the god had left them a cart full of ice metal, which, when they eventually got back to the ship, and sailed it back to Sharn without any further incident, turned out to be very, very valuable indeed -- their share of the proceeds from the trip was 30k each, which was a lot more than anyone had expected.

Oh, and they had the dwarven cleric inspect 'Heyyou'... he wasn't evil, at least. He'd changed to a lawful neutral alignment instead of true neutral, which annoyed some of the chaotic party members, but even they agreed that since he seemed to obey Efnesien's orders (since she'd been the first to call dibs, while he was in imprintable mode) it was probably safe to keep him around.

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Afterwards we had a little time left, so we played some card games that I didn't really like. Because I lost.
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