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Why sailors don't let Jonahs on their boat.

Friday night we had a session of the shadake game. It was mostly travel, again, although this time we actually got attacked by stuff. Kinda.

The party didn't know how much passage on a ship cost, or how much copperwood was worth, but apparently they had enough to trade for passage, so they did that. Most likely, they got ripped off, but oh well, easy come easy go.

Unfortunately, halfway there, they were not attacked by pirates. This was unfortunate because the pirates who'd been shadowing them were eaten by a sea monster. The sailors asked them if they could go underwater and look for the sea monster and fight it off... but, well, none of them knew how to swim. Kit was able to improvise a version of his fairy fire spell to work on only large undersea creatures, though, and blanketed the area with it... oh look, there's the sea monster,swimming right under the boat and CRUNCH.

The boat didn't sink, though -- Kit rescued the animals from the hold, and Leen froze icebergs around it to hold most of the wreckage afloat, then Mira and Cho looted what they could from the wreck onto the icebergs, Kit made everyone HUGE, and with improvised oars they rowed the whole thing to shore -- luckily, the sailors had been mostly following the shore. So it only took them all day and half the night.

With some rescued copperwood (copperwood didn't float, but some had been trapped in wreckage that did) and pieces of the boat, Cho managed to whip up an improvised cart for the horses to pull, carrying all their loot. The hope was to find a village nearby, or at least a road... but, no. They were in the deep wilderness. The city they were heading to had been abandoned 1000 years ago, and they were already past the last outpost of civilization before it.

But in several days' travel, the only monster they ran into was a mezukuma, a size-changing bear-thing. Which was easily dispatched, and boiled for its bones. Eventually, they reached the vicinity of the city, and... why is the sun rising in the middle of the night?

Oh no, a forest fire! Kit tried to cure the horses' panic, but only managed to panic himself, since the repanicked from the continued presence of the fire as quickly as he could drain it away. So off they ran, dashing through the forest, right off a cliff... luckily, the wagon's wheels were shot, so he'd been making it weightless, and its weightless inertia was enough to let them drift to the ground slowly instead of falling to their doom. Everyone else climbed or flew down a lot more gracefully.

At the bottom of the cliff, in a ravine of sorts, was the city they'd been seeking -- burned out and ruined, but the walls still stood, and would protect from the fire (which Mira and Cho had noticed was caused by a dragon burning a path of fire all the way around the city). Unfortuantely, the gates still stood too, and the portcullis was too heavy to lift, even with Kit and Cho enlarged and working together. Cho focused all his energy on cutting the bars with his electrical sword, and succeeded! In cutting a tiny, inch-wide gap in a bar. If he'd been able to do that twice, it might have been useful.

So Mira and Leen climbed up to the gatehouse, to pull up the portcullis using the mechanism. Before they could get it up very far, though, blink dogs (who'd been hiding in the space between the portcullis and the inner gate) attacked the invades who were ruining their teleport-only sanctuary!

The blink dogs weren't very dangerous, though. Kit started trying to charm them, but after Cho killed one (zzt!) the rest decided to flee instead of fighting, and he had to break the charm to avoid being dragged off with them. They opened the gate wide enough for everyone to squeeze through, then let it drop back closed... and looked for a way to get further inside, for the dragon would have no problem roasting them all through the gate if it came and found them still huddled there.

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