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No party!

I spent the weekend with my family, since my mom was in town for (my nephew) Danny's second birthday. We didn't do a lot of stuff (it's hard to do stuff with small children around), but there were some highlights...

We visited a greek restaurant that started out being normal if somewhat excessively foofy, then gradually filled up with other families with children until it was one huge mess of crying and screaming, with expensive greek food in the middle.

Alex and I tried to teach Stevie to play catch and soccer. He kept making up rules for getting points. "I have a thousand points now, I am the winner! Now you have a million billion points, because you caught the ball!"

I was able to repeatedly hypnotize Stevie with video games... Loco Roco first, and then later CoH, which I'd started up because he was distracted with something else (eating lunch I think), except that it brought him running. I wasn't allowed to show him anything violent (like, most of the game), which I thought was a little strange -- isn't four old enough to be interetested in cartoon violence? -- but he had fun using the character creator, and then running and jumping around Atlas Park and City Hall. He especially enjoyed typing gibberish and seeing it appear in a bubble over the character's head.

Alex (mostly) made a robot cake for Danny -- they make a shaped cake every year, and this year, robot. It was pretty neat. He complained that I'd suggested claws (since 'all robots have claws'), but they ended up kind of cute. The cutest bit was the face, though, with bunny-ear style antennae and a flat robot 'smile'.

The actual party was rescheduled to Monday, though, so I missed it -- apparently, the kids had strep throat, and they didn't want to risk exposing the guests.
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