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Well, it's not Strep...

I thought it might be since I caught a cold two days after spending the weekend with my nephew, who was being treated for it, but the test came back negative, so it must just be a normal cold.

And I finished Titan Quest, at least on normal difficulty, with my druid. Man, the wolves were useless in the last battle. But then, so were all my stuns, and pretty much everything except pure damage and some equipment I had that let me run around like an idiot really fast and dodge everything. For twenty minutes. Twice, because the second time (the first time I died really fast) I died after getting him down to a sliver. The battle against the final boss was not fun.

But, I unlocked the next difficulty level, where enemies are stronger and you get -40% to all resistances to start you out... so I think it's time to install Bioshock now, and hope it runs on my laptop.
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