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One fire/traps +
one fire/dark +
two fire/therm =

Also, the longbow spy ship is not your friend. If you run for the door, and can fly, you *might* make it in if you sneak up nap of the, well, ocean. If you have to run up the ramp, you will die. If you make it in and click out the door, you will die before you can click back in, because the 'going through the door' animations are too long. If you make yourself invisible and run for the door, you will die because the turrets see invisible and once they shoot you you aren't invisible anymore.

Phase shift works. You can get a temp phase shift from the warburg patrol, or from the black market. You probably want to do this ahead of time, though.

So does slowly clearing away the flying enemies, then stripping the ship of turrets starting from the front, but that's no fun. No! We must have a conga line of death with the two people who managed to get inside because the turrets were busy killing everyone else refusing to come out and help. Because if they try, they'll die and have to die a couple more times getting back inside.

And longbow cheat. 55% defense to lethal damage means they only have an 87% to-hit chance with their machine guns. Grr.

Oh, also, bioshock! Fort Frolick is run by a freak. Surprisingly, after you assassinate all his enemies for him, he *doesn't* betray you and force you to kill him too. Note that, DURING the process of assassinating all his enemies, he *twice* swarms you with minions because he thinks you're going to turn on him. But once you've actually done all his dirty work he lets you go.

Bioshock weapons:
1: Wrench. This kills everything in one or two hits. It's insanely powerful, but melee only of course.
2: Pistol. Good against things that don't fight back, like security cameras, or... um... yeah, pretty much just security cameras.
3: Machine Gun. Not even good against things that don't fight back, because you can't hit the broadside of a barn with the damn thing. Totally useless.
4: Shotgun. Woah! A weapon that can actually kill mobile enemies! Not as well as the wrench, mind, but still well enough that you aren't totally stupid to use it. Actually, the special ammo makes it about as good as the wrench, and you can use it on Big Daddies if you run out of grenades.
5: Grenade Launcher. Kills Big Daddies Dead, overkill (and too hard to aim) on anyone else.
6: Camera. Not really a weapon.
7: Flamethrower. Sucky as a weapon, good as a way to activate elemental effects without using up EVE.
8: Crossbow. Uh... what? CROSSBOW? I haven't actually tried it out, but... crossbow? O.o
F1,F4: Shock and Frost. Use on turrets and drones so that you can run up and hack them.
F5: Bees. They make the enemies go 'ow' a lot, but they don't actually die.
F3: Fire. This lights enemies on fire, so that you take damage if you touch them. Or their corpse. If you're really, really patient, it might finish off an enemy who's almost dead.
F2: TK. You catch bombs with it, then toss them back at Nitro Splicers. Otherwise, it's a gimmick used to fetch ammo from holes too small to crawl through.
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