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Bioshock Complete

Finished it last night. Beat the end boss to death with the wrench, since unlike the big daddies he wasn't immune, and as previously noted it's the most overpowered weapon in the game. It might have been a hard fight if he hadn't had a healing station installed in his bedroom.

Stage 1: He's throwing fireballs! Hint text says to catch the fireballs and throw them back. My method: Run up to him and beat on him with the wrench. Every time he hits me, the shock aura thing paralyzes him for a while. And makes him take 4x damage from the wrench. Oops!

Stage 2: He's... electric I think? And summons a swarm of security drones to help him. So I peg him with security bullseye, and they kill him for me while I hide. I think that was probably the recommended method.

Stage 3: He's ice or electric, whichever the one he wasn't in stage 2. He summons a swarm of splicers with machine guns to help him. As noted in previous entries, machine guns can't hit the broad side of a barn, so I ignore them and beat on him with the wrench, like in stage 1.

Then I grow old and die. No, really, that's the ending. Presumably this happens years later, after a long full life. NO SEQUEL FOR YOU!

I also started playing Patapon, where you control a gang of spear-chucking eyeballs by playing four-note drum beats over and over and over until your fingers are too tired to move. I'm pretty sure I've screwed up my tribe already, though, since I spent all my money and rare materials making a really powerful sword-wielder, who promptly got eaten by a giant lizard in his first fight.
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