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Raiding the Dragon's Horde

Last night we had a session of the D+D game. I think, in retrospect, we might actually have pulled one over on the dragon. Or at least, not fallen for its trap. But I might be wrong.

Kit was missing, presumed fleeing for his life, and the rest of the party realized that they didn't really have a line of retreat. The salamanders wouldn't be happy to see them, so it was either try random unexplored passages or take another shot at the dragon.

Bob had an idea... he didn't really like his body *that* much, so why not volunteer to distract the dragon while the rest of the party looted his horde? He stripped naked (so as not to lose his stuff when the body was most-likely-devoured) and took his violin to serenade the dragon, figuring that wooing it was likely to keep it distracted for longer than anything else.

...and it worked. The dragon enlarged Bob's drakivolki body to dragon-size, then took him outside where everyone could see them screwing, with great enthusiasm, for a very, very long time. After a very long time, Bob thought that you know, this was really gross, and he didn't have to stay in the body to experience it, did he? So he left the drakivolki bandit back in control to have sex with the dragon while he went to help the rest of the party.

In the meantime, the rest of the party tried to loot the horde. Mira spotted a large pressure plate blocking off the horde chamber, and had Leen build an ice-bridge over it so that they could get across it without having to climb the walls. Once inside, she spotted some strange, 'nonmagical' runes on the walls (although they'd all figured out that magic sight was suppressed inside the cave), but maybe as long as she didn't get too close to them... now, where were some choice bits to loot from the horde?

Of course, the runes had already triggered, and the three of them were wandering around the horde chamber, hypnotised into thinking that random bits of rock were whatever they'd been looking for. Bob saw that as he came close, and also that there was an astral barrier making it impossible to leave the room -- the whole horde was just a giant roach trap for adventurers. Oh, and the dragon screwing his body was an illusion.

Around that time, Kit got back, a little faster than people had expected. When the suggestion wore off (after an hour), he'd been desperate to get back quickly, so he munged his 'negate gravity' spell into a 'redirect gravity' spell, that would redirect it whereever his staff pointed, and combined it with his 'negate gravity' spell for speed control. Then fell at terminal velocity back towards the dragon's lair, somehow managing not to splatter himself over the countryside in the process.

He hooked up with Bob, who warned him about the spell trap, and carefully advanced close to the trap to try to dispel it (since all his spells were close range). He (and Bob) hadn't realized that there was a suggestion spell over the whole outer cavern, trying to convince people to go into the horde chamber. He started walking towards the horde in a daze... Bob tried to possess him to stop him, and while Kit did manage to fight off the possession, it snapped him out of the daze and let him get out of the cavern safely.

Then Bob heard an astral chuckle. The dragon *wasn't* absent with an illusion and various spells in place to guard its horde... it was watching the whole thing, from somewhere on the astral plane.

Kit hypnotized himself with a compulsion NOT to enter the horde chamber, spending enough mana to make it stronger than the compulsion he'd felt over the whole cave. Similarly, he overrode the compulsions on each of his friends, snapping them out of their 'looting'. Unfortunately, that didn't let them leave the cave -- there was also a one-way physical and spell-barrier keeping anything magical from leaving, and Cho, Mira and Leen all had magical parts of themselves that couldn't be left behind even if they'd wanted to.

So Bob bargained with the dragon. "Hey, I kept you amused with that sex trick, right? Let my friends go, and we'll be even."

The dragon wanted something that it didn't already have in return for releasing the party, though, and sent Bob and Kit to go get a sample of the magic water that brought things to life, so that it could make its own new race of beings, which was a big part of attaining the status of a god. Bob agreed, and extracted his drak body from the sex-illusion, since it was hard for a ghost to bring back a sample of anything physical.

Kit asked the fish (which he'd had try to help them take out the various barriers and things, but its 'steal ability' power hadn't worked on them any better than they'd worked on Kit's binding) if he knew where the water was, and the answer was, "Yeah, of course, we all live there. It's the only place we can breed."

So they had the charmed fish lead them to the fish city, where some non-charmed fish were mollified by the charmed fish vouching for them long enough to shrink Kit down to fish size so that he could interact without smashing their city like godzilla. Kit told them that they wanted to kill the dragon, but weren't sure how... and that their first attempt had failed, and the dragon wanted a sample of the life water in return for the release of most of their party. Who of course would be crucial to any attempt to slay the dragon.

The fish told them about the water -- how it flowed continuously from a portal that seemed to be a point of no-return, how each generation of fish grew stronger from drinking it, and how a single mouthful would be enough to 'enhance' a creature permanently, but it would only work once. They were willing to give up a sample to the dragon, on the chance that it would eventually lead to the dragon's defeat, as long as it was nowhere near enough to be a mouthful for the giant beast.

Just in case, Kit had them get a weak sample from further downstream for the dragon, and also took a wineskin full of more potent water for the party to use if they wanted. Bob tried a swig, but it did nothing -- apparently, the 'enhanced effect' potion they'd found in a secret chamber before heading back to the dragon (at the tail end of last session, I don't remember if I remembered to include that part) was enhanced effect magic life water, so he'd already had his dose.

Oh, yeah, and the rest of the water was in Mira's pack, in the dragon's horde, where the dragon could reach out and snatch it at any time, if it found out what it was. And had he mentioned that the dragon could read minds?

But Kit had an idea -- Bob's body didn't remember anything that happened while Bob was in control, so he could leave the drakivolki body again, and Kit could charm it so that the bandit would trade the sample of water for the release of their friends, then come back to be repossessed. Bob reluctantly agreed, really not wanting the dragon to get all superpowered.

And it worked, the dragon released the party in return for the sample, and was none the wiser about the enhanced effect potion. But it kept Bob's body.

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