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Friday night we had a session of the D+D game, in which the party tried to come up with a plan to fight the dragon, and just as they succeeded, were kind of railroaded into doing something else.

Apparently, the reason the dragon was so invincible was that it was supposed to be an ally. Oops!

The GM was mean, so Kit's big idea of identifying everything at once with an area-effect identify spell wasted an hour giving a long list of magical effects that were on the items, but not telling which did what. There were a couple that were actually guessable off the list, but the ones they really cared about had to be identified separately -- the amulet the shaman had been wearing was an amulet of protection from casting wild surges, and the ring was a ring of conceal magic. Whatever that means.

Kit also convinced the rest of the party to drink the magic water for a free, permanent character upgrade, but declined to have any himself. "In 10 or 20 years, I'll be able to see if there's any adverse effects on you. 'Permanent' for you means 50 years on the outside, I've already lived 1000, so I can wait a few decades."

While they were doing this, a bunch of the fish from the magic stream came up to talk to them about gods and theology. The party gave maybe a dozen different viewpoints on gods between the five of them. This might have sparked a religious dispute among the fish, if any of them had lived to report back to their city.

Anyway, Bob got bored and went off to try to retrieve Leen and his body from the dragon's horde, where Mira's hand mirror of destiny showed them gathering up selected items from the horde -- obviously, the dragon was using them as puppets, probably to go attack the party. Bob didn't come back. Mira decided that she'd work out a way to protect herself from the dragon's magic, and on the third try (after getting tangled up in vinces and set on fire by Kit) got a magical nullification field that prevented any magic from being used on or by her. Since she didn't use magic, this was fine.

But before she could try to sneak up and use the field to rescue Leen, Bob's body, and Bob, all the fish in the room, along with most of the old outdated furnishings and stuff, was suddenly animated katamari-style and formed into a giant clutter-golem.

CG: "You made one fatal mistake -- you LEAKED!"
Party: "Huh?"

The golem flung bits of stuff at the party, who mostly activated defensive spells and stances.

CG: "I will erase you from existance. No one will even know that you ever lived!"
Party: "Who?"

The golem made a horrifically desperate attempt to kill Kit, but between his upgraded staff, bubble spell, and defensive stance (and rolling well for once), he was able to deflect it.

CG: "You, and everyone you ever touched!"
Leen: "Um... isn't that, like, everyone in the world?"
Kit: "No, just everyone on this continent. And we don't even know for sure that he's talking about me!"

The golem lunged at Mira... and Mira didn't dodge. She had a magic-nullification field up, after all, and had been trying unsuccesfully to get the golem in it all combat. Pity it didn't *work* on the golem. Then Cho and Leen used electric and ice swords on the golem, reducing it to a fine mist. Unfortunately, destroying its physical form didn't even slow it down.

Kit: "I Suggest that you stop attacking and just explain what the fuck you're talking about."

That turned out to be a mistake. The spell worked -- the golem probably failed on purpose -- and instead of using physical attacks, it assaulted Kit's mind with a detailed explanation of its horrifically insane worldview in which magic and gods could not exist, and the wrong that had been done under its code of morality. Kit was instantly convinced that everything in the world had to be set on fire, and proceeded to do his best to achieve that with a barrage of berzerk fireballs.

"Come to me if you want to live," said the dragon in all of their minds. Apparently, it had been keeping tabs on them, even from a distance. So while Kit kept trying to kill everything that lived or didn't live, everyone else ran away to beg the dragon for their lives.

The dragon made some sort of offer or something that I wasn't paying attention to, and opened a bunch of portals to send the party off while it took care of the 'interloper'. Kit, meanwhile, regenerated his sanity the same way he regenerated his health, and recovered from the berzerk rage in a few minutes. While the golem tried and tried to explain itself (with Kit steadfastly ignoring it) he stalked back up to the dragon's lair, in time to suggest that the entity explain to the dragon instead of to him, then jump through the portal Bob had chosen (at random).

As they left, they spotted a dragon outside the cave -- apparently, the insane extra-dimensional golem thing was just a summoned entity, so all its ranting had probably just been insane ranting and not an actual indication of something the party had done wrong.

GAIN FROM DRAGON ADVENTURE: A bunch of spellstones and caster shells, magic amulet, ring, glove, slipper, and a bunch of potions. Some small items of jewelry.

LOSS FROM DRAGON ADVENTURE: Their horses, Muffin, the cart, and 99% of the nonmagical treasure they'd found from the rest of the city, since they hadn't been anywhere near their cart when the dragon portalled them out. Oh, and Tess, and Bob's body.

[The GM revealed that the dragon outside had been the forger they'd been escorting to Kintarr to help rob the dragon's cave, that they'd assumed was lost at sea. The whole bandit village thing had been staged to lure the party into letting him tag along and distract the dragon living in the burned city for him. Or something like that. But the party never figured any of that out because they went through the dungeon backwards.]

last session | next session

By the way, I'm not annoyed at the game. I'm annoyed right now because I was just filing my taxes, and my printer's still broken, and my video card on my desktop went wonky, so I had to downgrade to my old video card, which is in VGA-compatibility mode because the NVidia drivers I have only go back to 6100 and it's a 5600 or something like that.

Oh, and even after estimated taxes, I owe $2500. So, more estimated taxes this year.

On the positive side, I'm about half done with part 4 of space otters. And I've only had to rewrite the first half twice so far! This is not entirely cynical -- I solved the big problem that was keeping me from getting anywhere, by skipping a day basically and letting stuff happen off-camera. Makes it much easier to handwave. }:)
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