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And so the tax saga endeth

I hope.

Well, not much of a saga really. I used EFTPS to schedule the estimated payments (which I'm otherwise approximately 100% likely to forget), and printed to PDF since my printer was broken (Taxcut instaleld a PDF printer driver, which I thuoght was nice of them), then had those printed out at... er... this place I occasionally go to that has a whole bunch of printers just lying around for someone to print to.

Although I couldn't figure out how to connect to any of them from my mac. They have macintosh addresses on post-it-notes on the side, but there didn't seem to be any way to say 'print to printer blah', you had to pick from a list, which didn't have anything but peoples' personal printers from their... um... places... where they spend most of their time.

It's dead easy to set up printers on windows, though.

Other challenges included the horrible 1099-B form, which in no way resembles the data you actually have to enter on the 1040, and the broken USB ports where I left my webcam plugged in while tipping the computer over to replace the video card, and physically snapped the computer's main USB hub into several pieces. There was a second port on the back, though, although that's substantially less convenient.

It's looking like I should probably get a new desktop sometime soon. UGH. X.X Well, okay, instead of that I could go to the nvidia site and download an old driver that still supports my old card, then get some sort of USB extension cord so that the plug on the back is usable. But now that the computer's officially entered the 'broken' phase of the product lifestyle, how long until something else explodes?

It's the only computer I've ever built myself. Somehow, I managed to:
(a) Screw myself by using a substandard processor that only looked cool based on the wrong-number-to-look-at-nowadays.
(b) Screw myself by getting a motherboard that supported an outdated graphics protocol (AGP)
(c) Screw myself by getting two buggy, underperforming videocards.
(d) Screw myself with an IDE cable to the main hard drive that never really fit well and would periodically fall out.
(e) Pay large restocking fees for replacement parts that turned out not to actually be compatible despite having matching names for tab a and slot b.
(f) Burn out the better of the two buggy videocards.
(g) Destroy the USB ports.


Also... pho headache. Why do I keep eating that stuff?
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