Terrycloth (terrycloth) wrote,

What would I say to my 17 year old self?

(1) You know all those people who say that this is the best time of your life? They're totally right. Being an adult sucks. Work is a lot more work than school, you'll never have the time off or the personal motivation to take a real vacation again, and it's harder to find people to hang out with. Oh, and taxes... and bills... and doing your own housework... everything about being an adult is an exercise in frustration and futility. Put it off as long as possible.

(2) You've probably already blown your only chance at ever finding love... hmm... I don't suppose I could go talk to my 12 year old self?

(3) I don't care if it's a waste of money otherwise, *don't* eat three full buffet meals a day at the cafeteria during college, or you'll gain 20 pounds.

(4) Okay, here, I'll lay it out for you -- if you keep going on like you otherwise would, you'll have a reasonably comfortable, reasonably boring life, where nothing much good or bad will ever happen to you. Is that what you want? ... okay, yeah, I guess it kind of is. Carry on, then.

(5) Yeah, we first make contact with aliens in '99. Where do you think we got this time-travel technology? It's the personal teleporters that I like most, though -- no more tedious mucking about with buses and elevators. I haven't managed to get up the nerve to have myself transformed into a dragon yet, but all the kids are doing it. I'd show you some of the magic spells I learned, but they don't work without the -- oh, come on, I'm telling the truth! I'm here, aren't I?
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