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Last night I came home to a pair of notes hanging on my apartment door.

One, 'We're going to do an annual inspection of your apartment Friday.'
Two, 'Time to renew your lease. Due to falling housing prices and the expenses incurred not fixing any of the problems you reported to us, we're raising your rent!'

Normally, this would be an unfortunate coincidence, but in actuality anyone who's been living here for longer than two years has their lease coming up for renewal in May, so it's not.

Or maybe I'm the only one who's been living here for longer than two years. I guess I should check apartment prices in the area to see if I could save a ridiculous amount of money by moving, but I'm not especially confident. It is Bellevue, after all.

Also, I'm too lazy to actually move anyway, so it would be a completely wasted effort, whose only effect would be making me feel bad about being too lazy to move.
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