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Some people from a foreign office are in town this week, for a summit where we try to get them up to speed on our product so that they can actually help by working on bugs and stuff instead of trying to help but actually make things worse. It's pretty boring for everyone involved, so I'm not going to talk about it more.

Afterwards, though, they get to go to various morale-event type things, and we're allowed to show up. I told G (who's running the whole event) that I'd come to the go-kart races, since that was kinda fun the last time we did it.

Apparently, there's a go-kart place a few blocks from work. I did not know that. It's well hidden -- I had to drive around the block twice to find it, and only found it by accident pulling into a driveway to turn around and realizing that woah, there it was.

The kart's are decently fast, but the track's pretty damn claustrophobic. In particular, passing anyone is almost impossible, even if they're much much slower than you. For the practice and qualifying rounds, they have a 'passing flag' they wave to tell people 'let the faster guys pass you damn it', but the final was a straight up race, and, well... I got into first place early because I started third, the person in second was slow off the starting flag, and the person in first wiped out at the hairpin turn. For almost the entire race, it was the 6th place person in front of me failing to make any mistakes large enough for me to pass her, and the 2nd place person right on my tail bumping me every time there was a yellow flag (or passing me and getting pulled back since you weren't allowed to pass on yellow).

But then, finally, we caught up to the last-place contender to try to lap him for a third time, and number 6 zoomed past him, but I didn't have enough of a gap to get through as he swerved in front of me... letting mister 2nd take back 1st. I got past the last-placer eventually, but didn't manage to ever pass the guy again, and finished the race right on his tail.

Then everyone teased me because I was too timid.

Note that all this was fighting for 1st place among the bottom half of the field, after failing to qualify for the round that had all the good drivers in it. >:P I kind of suck at go-karts.
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