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Sometimes, a battlefield is a battlefield.

Yesterday, we had a session of the D+D themed (or possibly final-fantasy themed) shadake game. It ended up being basically a big combat, in which Kit was disintegrated by friendly fire.

The party split up to shop, and awoke in a crater on a deserted battlefield, with a horrible hangover. It *hadn't* all been a dream, although none of them remembered the last part, because they did have some potions they'd bought from the fairies (although the change was leaves and acorns). The priest who'd been carried off by playful spirits was back with them, but the priest who had all the water was missing -- along with all the *other* magic water they'd had.

Bob was furious that they'd been betrayed... Kit was a little more philosophical. Leen was snowing. This was a bad sign, which got worse when Bahamut appeared with two people riding on his back.

"USURPER! You have no right to her!" shouted one of them, to Mira. As Bahamut started spinning up his Wheel o' Death, everyone in the party ran away -- the priest opened a door and hid in a bunker, Cho and Bob ran down separate trenches, Kit reversed gravity and fell up, Mira just ran with her stupidly insane speed. Leen stood her ground, shouting back, "Are you INSANE?"

Apparently, he was, because Bahamut tried to breathe energy at her, and she tried to block with some ice, and the resulting explosion of ice spears and wild energy blasts only failed to kill the party because they were really very good at running away by this point. The enemy wasn't about to take 'run away' for an answer, though.

While Leen faced off against Bahamut, and Bahamut's master tried to kill Mira (who grappled with him and tried to kill him right back, both of them using caster shells and martial arts), a wizard flew up after Kit. Kit didn't have any long-range spells, so he took one of the acorns the fairies had left them with and grew it to a 20' radius, trying to drop it on the enemy. Unfortunately, the enemy dodged... and counterattacked by nullifying all Kit's magic, including his ongoing reverse gravity spell.

Kit wasn't helpless without magic, though -- and as he started to fall, grappled the enemy, pinning his arms to his sides with his staff before he could grapple Kit and use some sort of touch spell on him (which seemed like a poor choice of attacks since Kit was magic-nullified). Unfortunately, the wizard was a lot stronger than Kit and grabbed his staff away from him, leaving him to fall. Without his magic OR his staff, Kit was pretty helpless.

Luckily for him, the giant acorn of doom was still falling towards Leen, who built a ramp out of ice to redirect it as an attack at Bahamut, who was continuing to breath huge beams of energy that he couldn't aim thanks to the instability introduced by Leen's presence. Seeing that Kit was falling too, she added a huge fluffy pile of snow on top of the acorn... and her plan worked perfectly. The acorn hit her ramp and was redirected, knocking Bahamut unconscious, then the snow followed and made a fluffy pillow for Kit to land in instead of splattering.

The wizard landed right next to Kit, holding his staff... and without a weapon, Kit wasn't really going to win a fight with a two-legged kitten, let alone a professional hit-wizard. Especially when he was embedded in a snowbank and could hardly move, and the wizard had landed lightly on top of the snow, standing over him.

Kit: "Ha! I still have one weapon left. Harsh language!"

Kit sensed that he wasn't really happy with the job he was doing, so he tried to pull rank, 'revealing' that he was the rightful Duke of Briarridge. He didn't fool anyone, and the wizard poisoned him with the hidden poison needle he'd had in his hand the whole time. Kit *did* manage to fool him into thinking he was instantly rendered unconscious, and the mage dropped the magic-nullifying spell so that he could cast his own spells on Kit... which gave Kit enough time to charm him before actually falling unconscious to the poison.

Meanwhile, Leen had teleported off to help Mira fight Bahamut's master. Mira had her own antimagic aura up, so Leen was forced to resort to claw attacks, which were pretty weak compared to her magic, but weren't entirely useless. Leen, of course, was pretty good with her knives, and between them they knocked him unconscious... and then he vanished, as his pet wizard, who'd just secured a paralyzed and unconscious Kit to the back of Bahamut, manipulated the unconscious summon's teleport power to suck its master back to it instead of the other way around.

Mira decided that they were about to get away (despite Bahamut's obvious unconsciousness), and summoned an earth elemental to deliver an experimental explosive that she'd never tried before -- 'dehydrated steam'. The elemental took the bag of steam powder with the fragile vial of water inside and slammed it into Bahamut's nose... and when the humongous puff of steam cleared, there was nothing left of Bahamut, his master, the wizard, or Kit.

Then the body parts started falling.

About then Cho and Bob came out of the woods. During Bahamut's second attack, Bob had been sure his body was about to die, and left it to retreat to the astral, which gave control back to the priest. The priest turned himself into a flitter (a very very fast tiny bird) and fled into the woods... but Bob managed to grab hold and tag along. Then there was a spiritual battle of psychic powers, and Bob tried to regain control and the priest tried to exorcise Bob and send him back to the stars -- neither of them succeeded before Cho caught up and tried to use his massive stun-blast on the feriphal.

Except that his stun blast was electric, and feriphal absorbed electricity. They couldn't absorb *that* much electricity, but they could channel it briefly, and the priest tried to form a short-circuit from Cho's sword back to Cho himself to stun Cho instead. Only Cho managed to dodge, so the priest did get stunned after all. Then Bob possessed him, while he was sleeping, and had full control of the body again.

So they came out of the woods after that to find all the enemies and Kit missing. Bob wasn't too worried -- Kit had said time after time that he'd come back if he was killed. Cho and Mira were a little less sure that he'd come back after being *disintegrated*. In any case, they had a reason to stay around (retrieving Kit if he reappeared) as well as a reason to leave (the army had to have seen the explosions, and would probably be sending scouts).

Oh, and they retrieved the bracelet that would let someone become Bahamut's new master -- when a summon was killed, they just turned back into a bracelet, and someone else could claim them. Leen suggested that no one else in the party should do that, since having two summons in close proximity made both summons' powers go haywire, which meant that anyone who *did* claim him would no longer be able to travel with her and Mira.

They eventually decided to camp out by the ghost inn, which was a landmark any theoretical resurrected cursed Kitsune would probably try to find, but before they could do that, a portal opened and a dragon invited them to come back through it.

It wasn't the dragon who'd wanted the water -- it was the dragon who'd hired them, 'died' on the boat, then come to fight the water-coveting dragon for that territory. He hadn't taken down the spells, but the charm component of them had been the other dragon specifically charming people and imitating a magic trap, and the only real trap was the 'no magic can leave the horde' part. Bob and the zox priest who'd hidden in the hole were both able to go in and out if they stripped down (all their equipment was magical, but not them themselves, unlike Leen, Mira, and Cho) so they took an hour or so and looted all the treasure they could carry.

While they were doing that, Kit's spirit absorbed a few clues from the other dead folks in the vicinity using his natural empathy -- Bahamut's master had been a pretender to the Taforian throne, which was really supposed to go to whoever had Leen, since she was genetically locked to the emporer's bloodline. Apparently, Mira was a distant relative and arguably the rightful heir to the throne. Well, only really arguably because of the whole bit where she had Leen, really. The wizard with him had been unhappy with his job because he realized that both Razia and Taforia were pawns in some larger game, and both empires were DOOMED.

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I think that's where we stopped.
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