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Iron Man was good, but you already know that.

I finished Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Adventure 2 (the main plot anyway) as a Piplup. My moves were pretty useless through the whole game -- nothing but boring attacks. Well, I did have two ranged attacks, which were cute against weak enemies because you could kill two in the same round, but no status effects or anything. I beat all the bosses using Sleep Seeds. I'm not sure it's even *possible* to beat Dialga without something like that, since the one attack he got off wiped my team (thank you revive seeds!).

I finally hooked up the HDMI cable to my cable box, which not only lets me actually watch HDTV things in HD (I still can't tell the difference -- never could, even on actual high-end setups, let alone my silly little TV) but (together with the combined DVD/VCR) lets me eliminate one of the switchboxes and make all the RCA input devices look better.

Space Otters is going nowhere. I wrote one scene that I really liked, then realized that it left me in an impossible situation, so I decided to turn it into a dream sequence. It works pretty well as a dream sequence, except that only the person having the dream experiences it, and two of the three people involved need to. Argh. That's not the real problem, though.

I've been thinking about reinstalling World of Warcraft. Jiffy wants me to reinstall EQ2 instead. "It has rats!" is, indeed, a compelling argument... I don't think I'll really end up reinstalling either of them. It's the sort of thing I can do on a whim, though, so it might happen.
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