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So... yeah. I did install EQ2. And discovered that my old characters hadn't changed a bit -- apparently, all the new stuff that revolutionizes the game is AAs and equipment that you can only get from the expansions.

So, I was like, 'should I pay $40 for the all-in-one expansion pack?' Until I realized that this really wasn't a serious question -- of course I would. Three new starting areas is worth $40 even if I never take a character past 20 (which is somewhat likely).

So, after several days of downloads -- the EQ2 patch server likes to silently stop sending you files until you reboot, especially if you play City of Heroes while it's trying to patch -- I finally had the game back to the point where I could log in and see the new stuff.

I started a ratonga bruiser in Neriak on LDL, 'Chippie the monk'. Planning to make a fairy illusionist thing in Kelethin, and probably a dragon-thingie defiler in the isles.

Jiffy says his favorite server is Splitpaw, but that doesn't seem to be an option for creating new characters. Maybe it's European or something?
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