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Mother's Day (warning: contains no actual mothers)

I was reading the 'neitzche family circus' (http://www.losanjealous.com/nfc/perm.php?c=149&q=59) and while I didn't really see any that were that good as a combination (that one was seriously the one worked best, and it's pretty lame) the quotes by themselves were amusing. He's basically the ultimate cynic.

Well, unless they're being taken out of context or something.

Yesterday I brought over some games for board game day (replacing D+D because the GM is married and it was mother's day) but no one there wanted to play them, so we played Ra instead... I lost horribly, it was really sad. Then Eric scooted off to go meet his own mother for dinner after like an hour and a half. Ed got it right: 'Lamest game day ever.'

I ended up spending most of the day playing city of heroes. In the morning, Gnomorre with the pentacle folks. He's a stone/dark brute and this was the first time I got to play with him with Oppressive Gloom. For most of the day it was hard to tell if it was actually doing anything -- there were two masterminds and two other brutes on the team. But at one point he and his mentor (he was lking up to 48) got separated from the rest of the party and did just fine as a duo, and it was obvious that all his control stuff really did work together like it was supposed to. Still fairly touch-and-go.

It really shined in a solo mayhem against even-levels. I mean, yes, anyone could have rampaged and killed everything, but most of them would have taken some return fire, at least from the bosses. This sadly reminds me of Warcupyne, though -- he's ludicrously silly against even-level enemies between his two aoe damage auras and spine burst, but tends to suffer against the sort of things people actually fight.

Anyway, after the really short game day, I came back and played with Rowyn and Koogr (and later some other folks) as Miss Ink, my dark/kin. Finally got her up to 38 and got Fulcrum Shift. It was pretty impressive when things were going well, but she still has virtually no ability to recover from badness other than just spamming her heal. Which sometimes works, it's a really nice heal.

Then I watched some Dr. Who... I'm falling behind on my TV watching because of EQ2. I've got about 5 hours a week that I'm recording right now, and this week I watched two. So the plan was to also watch Naruto and maybe Lost, but instead I just did more EQ2 with Nicety, the fae illusionist with emo hair. The only really interesting bits were (a) exploring all of Crushbone invisibly looking for the fairy monument for the History of the Fae quest, only to finally spot it on the way out after giving up (this wasn't entirely wasted time; Crushbone is chock full of harvesting nodes), and (b) taking out a boss from a mission a bit too hard for me just as I died to his minions, and having the relevant quest item automatically put in my 'inventory' (read: quest status flag) so that I didn't have to come back and fight him again.

Actually, I could have won the boss fight if I hadn't been stupid. Instead of mezzing one of his four slimes and fighting him first, I should have mezzed him and fought his damn slimes. Also, used Blink when I was about to die to shed aggro to my pet, since that seems to work pretty well.

But hey, any victory you can magically ressurect from...

This morning I realized that while I'd thought about calling my mother (or maybe e-mailing her) for mother's day, I hadn't actually gotten around to doing it. Oh well, it's not the first year.
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