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Last night there was a very, very small power outage -- pretty much just my apartment building and the nearby stoplight. I decided it was a sign that I should go see Speed Racer instead of playing CoH.

So I headed over to Crossroads, figuring that if it wasn't playing there I could use the wifi to look up showtimes. Well, it was playing there, but not for another two hours... and the wifi didn't work. I got 1 bar, which wasn't enough to actually get listings.

There's a library branch there, but the computers need a library card to log in (or something?) and by the time I got a replacement library card (my old one was SO old that it wasn't even in the system) the library was closing, and I never managed to figure out how to log on to one of their computers. It looked like I was supposed to make reservations in advance or something, but they didn't have the library branch I was at listed on the map?

Oh well, I could just go check the other theaters. Redmond Town Center... was gone. I mean, the mall is there, but the theater was boarded up. WTF? Bella Botega was showing it about 20 minutes earlier than Crossroads, so I bought a ticket and spent the 45 minutes or so left until the movie watching some people play warhammer 40k in a nearby gaming store. Somehow, the marine player lost, despite having five units alive at the end compared to their enemies' two and one respectively. Probably all about victory points.

Oh right! The movie!

The automatic ejector ball of foam was a cute touch -- it let them still crash and blow up every other car in the race without having to explain why people would race with a 99% mortality rate -- they weren't *dying* unless something went more wrong than, say, someone using their jump-jacks to spike them into a rock. The jump-jacks were apparently stock equipment for the WRL league -- Speed was just really good at using them, and used them almost continuously, compared to 'only now and then' for the other drivers. Smashing physically into other cars and, say, spinning your car around like a top as a *strategy* and keeping it under control... yeesh.

And the tracks were like something out of a video game -- hills, jumps, loop-the-loops... and what was up with the jet-powered electric motors? Right. Future tech. Not realistic!

So, not realistic. SO not realistic. So very, very cool though. >:)
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