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Survival Instincts?

I spent most of Saturday and Sunday playing CoH (except for the D+D game sunday)... after the D+D game, I joined a Lady Gray Task Force with some LJ folks with Kit Vix. I was the only villain in a team of all heroes. After spending an hour struggling through the first mission only to fail it, one of the people in the TF failed to notice that I was a villain and teleported to his base to get more inspirations, which kicked him from the TF since it was a 'mixed team'.

So we started over. Stealthing the first mission also took an hour, but at least we won this time. The group in general was a bit pull-happy, and the TF was mostly against Rikti who don't pull well -- they all focus on long-range attacks, and half of them teleport. Not to mention the Comm officers who open a portal and hide. So it went really, really slowly (and still had just as many deaths) and we finished around 3am.

It's a pretty neat task force, I think. Would have been neater taken at full speed. The final mission was kind of a letdown, though, since the last mission from the normal zone arcs is essentially a much better version of it. The Four Riders mission and the mini-hami raid are the coolest parts (and, okay, the last mission is still pretty cool).

Monday I did a little bit of PuG teaming in the morning with Tk'erri, my new earth/elec dom. Not having /radiation as a secondary does make Quicksand's autohit -def and slow nice... I don't think it quite lives up to the hype, but it's a power you should probably take for the dom version of earth control.

Then I spent the rest of the day hanging out with my family, where:
(1) Alex said that his old neighbors were stupid for chaining together extension cords to reach the garage and run an arc welder, because 'the extra resistance from the extension cords forces it to draw more power from the wall and it's going to burn down the house'. I'm pretty sure electricity doesn't work that way -- V=IR, right? So increasing R should *reduce* I, except that of course the arcwelder is going to have a power supply that'll adjust to compensate. If only I'd thought of that during the actual conversation.

(2) Anna continued her relentless nagging of Alex, this time insulting all gamers as collateral damage because 'games are a shallow pursuit designed to give you the illusion of competence' and that people should shun them and pursue real hobbies instead.

(3) Mom went on and on and on and on and on and on about weight watchers. It's like it's consuming her whole existance.

Anyway, I got home fairly late, and played a little EQ2, then went to bed at, er, 3am. This morning when I got into work, there was a fire alarm going off in the parking garage. I ignored it and parked anyway. I think my mental process went something like 'this is almost certainly a fake or a drill, since they have these fucking drills ALL THE TIME, so I'll ignore it and park anyway. I don't see any fire department people there to nag me for ignoring the fire alarm. Anyway, if there is a real fire I'm bound to see it on the way down to the bottom level, and I'll be in a car that'll protect me long enough to turn around and drive back out.'

I think this means that someday I'm going to die in a fire, since incessant false fire alarms and drills make my initial reaction to alarms be looking around to see if there's anyone who would punish me for ignoring them.
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