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After the 5th shadow cyst-into-massive-ambush:

Justin: "So, why are we doing this again?"
Miss Ink: "Because a crazy old lady said we should."

Okay, I have to say the new ITF in CoH is pretty cool. Although the roman soldiers are so... so... SQUIRMY! They won't stand still! They run around like crazy and you can't immobilize or stun or hold them! It wasn't the first time I've had to use Repel as a defense instead of a positioning tool, but it was the first time I left it on through a whole mission. >.<

For all the hype, the last bit with the five AVs wasn't all that tough. Maybe that's just because the leader knew what he was doing and had us target through him, though. Or maybe having a couple SoA with stacked maneuvers was the thing.

The hardest part for our team was the Romulus Phalanx. Sooo... many... bosses... x.x

Anyway, I got a good recipe ('devastation chance for hold') although not one that Miss Ink is actually going to use. And I'm thinking that maybe her black costume will be Roman Soldier now, and her Yellow one can be the bug, since I don't much like her demon look.
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