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Someone said the season finale of Lost was 'mind-blowing'. I... don't get it. I mean, it wasn't disappointing or anything, but it pretty much did exactly what it was leading up to all season, without any new big tricks or surprises.

Well, except for killing off a bunch of folks randomly. Most of them didn't have names, though.

Who the fuck is even left alive of the castaways? One boatful with time-travel scientist guy, Locke, Sawyer, and the doctor's girlfriend? Oh, and the two scientists from the ship who stayed on purpose. Maybe Claire somewhere, but I got the impression that all the rest of the village people were already dead, and most of the beachies were on the ship and went boom ('nobody's down there!'). Gonna be awfully lonely on that beach.

Also, it's pretty obvious that the island is a time-travelling spaceship. It even looks saucer-shaped in the long shot from the helicopter, when it's warping away.

I also managed to get ahold of the apartment manager this morning, to tell them about the fridge. They implied that they'd fix or replace it right away, which judging from previous interactions means they'll never fix it ever, and four years from now I still won't have a fridge. Here's hoping that's not true!
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