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Sunday Game

Sunday we normally play D+D, and this wasn't an exception. We didn't actually play an adventure, though -- we played a short dungeon crawl using various characters to try out the system. I thought this was pretty pointless -- the reason we were playing with temp characters was because we were waiting for the books to come in, and PDFs of the books had found their way into our hands already. But those were the plans, and Josh had already cancelled on some lame pretense just like he always does when we're not playing the actual game, so blah.

So we started out with everyone playing their original (or slightly edited) pregen, except that I was playing a half-elf warlock instead. The first battle was weird -- I ran out into the middle of a bunch of zombies hoping to use a pbaoe on them, only to realize that it wasn't actually a pbaoe and I could only get about half the zombies menacing me. Meanwhile, the paladin kept getting knocked down by this zombie dog, over and over and over. There was some interesting use of the fey-pact teleport-when-you-kill-an-enemy power, at least.

The next fight was really easy, against a pair of insubstantial things.

Then, a swarm of rats accompanied by a bunch of rats. AoE-Mania!

We switched character before the last fight -- Tom decided to try out a dual-wielding ranger, so I switched back to (a modified version of) the dwarven fighter. I failed to bull-rush a skeleton out of the doorway, so everyone took a bunch of AoOs, but eventually he started hitting with his powers and, yeah, the maul hits pretty hard.

Most of us are satisfied with 4e's combat, at least. It can go fast if people know what they want to do and don't sit around looking at a missed die roll, trying to think up some excuse for why they had a +1 from somewhere that they forgot. Tom.

But Shawn is whining about the lack of noncombat information on the pregen character sheets, though, and Tom's still not sure what he wants to play, and is trying to wheedle the GM into letting him play 2 characters 'just for a while'. I hope Eric doesn't cave, Tom isnt exactly the fastest person at taking his turn with one character.
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