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Yay new fridge

...and judging from the amount of stuff in my apartment that was rearranged in the process, it looks like the delay might have been partly my fault again (although, again, LEAVE A DAMN NOTE if you need me to move stuff!)

I tried to get in touch with the office last Friday and Saturday to ask about that, but Friday he was busy with tech support, and Saturday the office was closed. Office is still closed. Since what he was complaining about was a lack of network connectivity from the office, I'm guessing he's working from home until he resolves that.

And, wow -- in retrospect I should have guessed, but they couldn't just move the fridge the five feet from where it sits to the door, because the little door between the kitchen and entrance hall is too small. So instead they had to take it out through the opposite side of the kitchen (moving my garbage can out of the way) through the storage nook (moving my D+D books out of the way) and living room (moving my folding table, piles of comic books under the folding table, and empty laptop bag out of the way) to get back to the entrance hall from the other end.

With the old fridge dripping foul-smelling fridge-juice the whole way, of course. So now I have to clean the floor. But I have a fridge again at least.
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