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What luck!

Friday night we played a little shadake. The party had planned to sell some water from the fountain of youth for extortionate prices, and managed to do so without too much trouble. *Spending* all the money was harder, and in the end proved impossible.

They didn't want to spend weeks travelling overland, was the problem -- and yet, it was dangerous to go alone, so having Mira or Kit run off and teleport the rest to them wasn't really a good option.

So they had the dryads at the library grow them a giant acorn to fly around in -- Kit inscribed it with mystical symbols to make it easier to cast spells on, and inscribed the spell needed to fly a giant acorn around into the walls of the control deck (since 'fly a giant acorn around' wasn't one of the spells he'd memorized) (although, technically, it was close enough that he could have just played it by ear every time).

The horses and wagons were loaded into the acorn, and they flew it down a druid teleport-path to the field of flowers, and then on to the nearest large city, an independant kingdom uninvolved in the war between Taforia and Razia, and therefore hopefully peaceful and prosperous.

And it was! Not only that, but they had a prophecy that merchants would arrive in a giant acorn to sell them something of immense worth, and the wealthier families had been saving up. They set a high price for a dose of youth-water, and managed to make a diamond coin for each of them (except Leen), despite some problems with thieves and such. A diamond was worth 1000 jade. A jade, 1000 gold. A gold piece, approximately 100 coppers, which was in theory the normal unit of currency, although silver was more common really. By any reasonable standard, they were all suddenly multi-millionairres.

And they were in a city that didn't believe in material wealth -- only in enslaving animals and demons and such to do your bidding. Kit, at least, wasn't very comfortable with buying slaves (even otherworldly quasi-animal slaves) and wasn't confident in his ability to remember to feed animals, so despite Bob's unease about removing so much coin from the city's economy, they (EVENTUALLY) decided to move on to the next city over to shop.

The next city over *did* sell magic items, and they festooned themselves with magic rings to protect against mind control and fire and lightning and cold (because friendly fire isn't), and to make them invisible and inaudible if they wanted, and to let them all see astral and magic and to see through illusions. And they bought some magic amulets that boosted all their skills by a couple levels. And Mira and Kit had some zeipheraunt cloaks crafted to let them run safely through trees and invisible dragons, by making them intangible to everything but stone and earth when moving at high speeds (which is a power zeipheraunts possess). And they bribed the guards who got on their case for buying illegal magic items, since being invisible and inaudible was against the law there. And they still hadn't spent a twentieth of their money.

Then they got back on the giant acorn to head to the unprounounceable labyrinth, to see what riches the next fountain held.

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