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Dreams of War, Dreams of lies, Dreams of dragon's... water?

I had a dream that I was one of a group of adventurers. Final-Fantasy style adventurers, meaning that my weapon, for example, was an umbrella. With an Iron Tip replacing the previous Claw Tip. One of the other party members used a 'claw hammer' as their weapon, which was a mace-like thing with two generic animal feet in place of hammer faces.

We were fighting a war against meeping bunny-things. Blue, hairless, really stupid... I don't remember most of the dream, but near the end I was going down into the sewers to infiltrate the bad guy's main base, and had to hollow out one of the meeps to use their skin as a disguise, complete with a rubbery mask presumably made out of one of their heads.

I snuck into a giant stadium full of cheering meeps, where Dark Pegasus was about to finish his ritual to unleash the army of the damned. So I took out my cell phone to try to call my friends and tell them to get in there right away so that we could fight him and stop the ritual...

Which gave all three of us away, because DP had a jamming field/tracking field in place, so the call didn't go through, but they were also disguised as meeps, and had been creeping up behind him and were *almost* in place.

So we started fighting... well, wrestling, more like. And Dark Pegasus told us that we were stupid for interrupting him -- we were all doomed, because the room was already filling up with water. His plan was to cast a spell that would resurrect anyone who died in the room as an undead, then drown his entire army of meeps. And himself. And, he offered, us, so that we wouldn't really be dead. But if we didn't let him finish the ritual, we'd all just die.

...then, since it was a dream, we all started making out. I don't really know where that came from.

In addition, unrelated to the dream, last night I played my stone/dark brute for a bit, and... ugh. x.x

Stone melee got hit really hard by the nerf bat. Well, as far as brutes are concerned. All the activation times were increased.
brawl: 0.67 -> 0.83
stone fist: 0.57 -> 0.83
stone mallet: 1.07 -> 1.6
heavy mallet: 1.1 -> 1.63
And I know the fucking apologists are going to go 'you won't even notice half a second, you whiner!' but (a) that's not actually true, it's really noticeable, and (b) I notice it *most* in my fury bar, which never got above half, and spent most of the time below 25%.

Do you want to know how much damage a brute does with an average of 25% fury? Play a dominator.

/dark armor is also very dominator-like -- if everything works perfectly, you keep things locked down and they don't hit you (this doesn't really help your fury either). If you get tohit debuffed, or slowed, or end-drained, or just miss too much, your health drops like a rock and you probably die before dark regen finishes animating (it's a HUGE heal, but it's not a very *fast* heal).

Dominators are a lot better at being dominators than brutes are. I think I might wait another 57 days before playing Gnomorre again.
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