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Well, that was a mistake.

Picked up FF IV for the DS. And... wow, it's the worst version of any FF I've ever played. They picked the very worst kind of active battle (the one where the enemies keep taking turns while you navigate the menus even if you pick 'wait' in options) and put in a bunch of enemies that kick your ass. I mean, you have to keep reloading until your trip from point A to point B doesn't happen to spawn the giant sandworm that kills you in one hit, or the 'all mage' group that likewise kills you before you get a turn.

...oh, then you get Rydia, a useless little girl who can't live long enough to finish casting a single spell, because the enemies get like three turns each before she finishes. WTF? I can just have her defend constantly to survive, but the enemies seem to get twice as many attacks because she's in the party or something, because the same groups that Cecil could solo easily kill him now, even though they're beating on Rydia half the time.

I think they must have screwed up something when programming this, the game just seems really broken.

But the suck doesn't end there! You also get to play a brooding protagonist! In crappy 3d graphics that look worse than the 2d they were probably replacing! Oh, and cheesy original characters get added for you to hate, like marshmallow summon boy and icantremembermynamingway.

How the hell did this game get good reviews?
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