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more EVE stuff

So... the Friday night game was cancelled, and the people I usually play CoH with (when I'm not just doing pick up groups, or playing with lj folks) were on vacation, so I spent Friday night and Saturday playing EVE.

Got a free Salvaging book from the business newbie contact, and Saturday night I finally finished training the prerequisites... yeesh! BIG difference in cash flow. Although salvaging is kind of boring. People suggested getting a tractor beam to make it less boring, but that means another turret stripped from my destroyer...

Oh, and I got a destroyer or two. Doesn't take much training to use destroyers since they're just giant frigates.

Friday -> Sat morning: newbie contacts, end up with ~400k + rifter after 3 half-days.

Sat morning->Sat night (with a break in the middle for other stuff, I didn't literally play all day): rank I missions using the rifter, make a million in a couple hours, get a destroyer, make another million and a half in another couple hours (some of it spent on a storyline courier cycle with no combat... I eventually stop taking more missions in the storyline after I realize that I've looped and started over from the beginning).

Sat night: Fit a salvager to the destroyer. First mission, I don't salvage anything. Second mission, I salvage a couple things worth less than the mission itself. Third mission, I get about 2 million in salvage. A couple hours later, I'm sitting at 8 million ISK and staring forlornly at the cruisers I'm about 3 days away from being able to pilot, let alone fit weapons and things to.

So I bought a second destroyer and outfitted it for mining. Mining is CPU-bound, so I was able to put a salvager and some guns on it for pirates, and go mining in less-high-sec-but-still-not-open-PVP zones. Which turns out to be a *terrible* way to make money, compared to missions where you end up spending a half hour doing nothing but salvaging dozens of wrecks.

I still haven't seen any signs of actually cooperating with people, or even of PVP. Although the folks on the newbie help channel said that pick up groups are basically nonexistant because of PVP ganking. This probably means I'm not going to stay interested in the game for long, since I don't really like guilds so much.
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