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Um... like... stuff happened

Rowyn came to town to visit family and friends, for one thing, and spent a few days with me.

Board games, part 1: Over at Jurann's place, we played 'Lunar Rails' that some guy brought over. He'd tried to get me to play it with him before, but I hadn't wanted to play a 2-player game. We had 4 this time, between him and me and Rowyn and Jurann. The game started out pretty slow, because none of us had any idea where the made up lunar colonies were and had to spend a long time looking at reference cards and the map to figure out what routes we should be going for. Jurann got screwed early on when he came up one dollar short of connecting his first route -- so he could never make any money, so he could never finish the route... eventually we gave him the money just because we felt sorry for him, but the damage was done.

The game ended up being really close -- I won basically by luck, drawing a route right next to my train that I could complete the next turn for just enough money to win, with two other players about a turn or two away from winning.

Board games, part 2: Later (Wednesday?) Rowyn and I played DOOM the board game. With 4 players over at Ed's, it was a slaughter (or, well, I won playing the invaders without being especially sneaky or anything). One on one, the marine has a HUGE advantage because there's so much armor and health and ammo all for him, and not as many monsters to gang up and cull the weak from the herd. I like the game, though -- it's not balanced per se but it's a lot like the old Dungeon games.

Movie, part 1: Late Tuesday, we were too tired to do anything fun so we watched Stranger Than Fiction on DVD. It was a funny movie, but it didn't really get around to actually having a plot. :( How can you have a premise like that and just never explain it?!

Movie, part 2: Last night (looong after Rowyn went on to visit other friends) I went to see Star Wars: Clone Wars. It wasn't as epic as the cartoon network clone wars thing, but it had lots of battles, and funny droids, and military pr0n, and as a wisecracking sidekick, the orange and cream padwan of doom wasn't anywhere near jar jar levels of annoyance. She seemed really familiar, though, like she might have come straight out of Jackie Chan adventures or something -- might have been the same voice actress? There were definately problems with the movie (the script could have use a little work), but I don't regret seeing it.

Roller Coasters: Wild Waves and the Enchanted Village is... um... well, it's definately an amusement park. The water slides were fun, although water slides aren't usually my thing. The spinny rides were actually pretty good -- I just wish that I didn't get sick riding them. I mean, I never *used* to, I wasn't *expecting* to, but maybe I can blame it on the Thai food? The rollercoasters were mixed -- there was one decent one, the Timberhawk -- it did all the things a coaster should do, although it wasn't especially amazing or anything. Then there was a wild mouse style ride that relied WAY too heavily on 180-degree turns making you feel like you were going to fly out of your seat sideways and plummet to your death. Startling is good. Actively painful is bad. We only rode that one once, but I might ride it again sometime. Then there was the 'Wild Thing' which was the most perfunctory looping coaster I have ever seen in my life. It had a loop, and a short corkscrew, and that was it! It was such a short ride they let people ride twice before reloading it!

Anyway, like I said I got motion sick on the spinny rides and had to leave early. :( :( :( Although as it turned out we left 15 minutes before the park closed anyway! It closes ludicrously early.

Oh! There was also a 'slide on a mat' ride that... um... well, the mats had holes in them. Half the slides were closed for repair. And I almost killed myself getting on the mat. "Are you okay?" the attendent asked as I cringed in pain after slipping and nearly going down the thing sideways. "Yeah, I'm fine," I said, not wanting to have to try to walk down the hill on my twisted leg. q:3 It was better after a few minutes, though.

And did I mention that three of the riders launched prematurely? By 'accident', although no one believed them. Or that I ran out of momentum halfway down and had to inchworm my way to the end?

Food:Thai food one day, Indian buffet for lunch the next... I ate so much at the buffet. I always do. I mean, I just take one plate, but I fill it up... Rowyn took two teeny little plates that looked like the french restaurant things people make fun of as not having any food on them, and insisted she was full afterwards. I was still full two days later when Kat brought meatloaf and mashed potatoes for dinner at the Shadake game, but that didn't stop me from gorging myself on bread (and meatloaf, and mashed potatoes). It wasn't until just this morning that I finally stopped feeling all bloated. x.x

And discovered that I'd lost 5 pounds. Don't ask me how that works.

Drink:I bought a 12 pack (they don't sell six-packs anymore?) of diet pepsi for Rowyn... but oh, she likes diet coke! Luckily, she'd already bought waaaay too much for herself while hanging out with Trask and his family (and her family). I've still got most of both in my fridge.

etc.:And of course there was cuddling, and embarassing public displays of affection, and late-night kidnappings, and unsafe driving practices, and... you know. Stuff.
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