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Fuck you Final Fantasy

First, FFIV.

I saved just after getting to the underworld. So, I load it up, fight a monster in the wilderness, oh, a town! Walk into town... CUTSCENE! Cid leaves the party! I guess it's time to move Cecil back to the front row, since I don't have four frontline characters anymor. No... wait... another cutscene... and a boss battle? Before giving me a chance to re-equip or anything?

Well, it's a really fucking hard boss battle, especially with Cecil stuck in back not able to do much, but I manage to win with most of the party at a sliver. And... CUTSCENE before I can heal up or do anything! Golbez kills everyone in the party except Cecil! Rydia reappears... and gets plopped down in the front row, of course, since that's where the open space is. Then Golbez starts chain-casting elemental spells until the remaining two party members are dead, before they can do much (they tried rezzing the dead folks, but the chain-casting aoes just rekilled them instantly). Good thing this was one of those storyline battles where you don't have to win, since it was so utterly unfair and sprung on you with no time to prepare after drastic party changes. And without a save after another boss battle, don't forget.

Oh, no, wait, it wasn't. Game over. Yeah, game over forever, fuck you final fantasy IV.

There's difficulty, and there's poor game design, and there's only so much of it I've willing to put up with, and there's been SO MUCH of it in the whole game up until now, that that's really the last ten ton lead weight.

EDIT: I looked on gamefaqs for advice on this fight. "Oh, it's easy -- just use Cry on Golbez and then have Rosa dualcast haste on Cecil and slow on Golbez before he casts Blinding Cold..." Um... Cry is a power that Porom had. She's dead, and more to the point removed from the party. Dualcast? WTF? Rosa doesn't have dualcast -- no one has 'dualcast'. And she doesn't get a turn before Golbez kills everyone. It's like they're playing a different game.

So, I load up final fantasy tactics -- not FFTA, the original one that's out for the PSP. And in the first battle, rediscover why I hated it so much -- VERY strict height requirements on attacks. VERY strict line-of-sight enforcement. This leads to often discovering, to your surprise, that you won't be able to attack the enemy after you move. And unlike FFTA, you can't then go and redo your move to pick a different tactic -- you're stuck.

When it decided to go ahead and *confirm* the 0% hit chance for a potion to heal my main character when I hit 'cancel', and as a result healed the only enemy I'd been able to actually attack back to full, I (swore at it a lot) and shut off the damn PSP. Jesus fucking christ.
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