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It looked like it was holding for a while, but the glued-on license plate popped half off again. So I can glue it on again (and be *really careful* not to jostle it too much) or... um... take it to the dealer? I'd really rather not. They'll charge cash moneys.

Other non-work-related annoyances are needing to renew my driver's license and maybe get new glasses. Work-related annoyances are too numerous to count, let alone list. That in itself is one of the annoyances, in fact.

Spore is out? Apparently? And getting mediocre reviews. And raving ones. So, who knows. I know I don't really have time to start playing a new game right now, especially if I'm going to play WAR.

EVE has had its ups and downs... and let's just say the community isn't one of its strong points. Or at least, the newbie corp community isn't. Still haven't gotten around to joining a player corp -- e-uni was recommended but it's focused on pvp, and I'm not so into pvp. EVE pvp fails as hard as CoH pvp -- the tactics and skills between pvp and pve are completely unrelated. Harder, because there are more opportunities to be ganked and the game encourages people to use them. Less hard in that you can at least refit your ship without having to make a whole new character.

The missions are still fun, at least, but I'm hitting the wall as far as learning new stuff that qualitatively changes how the game plays... the wall where it takes weeks instead of days to progress, that is. There's still plenty I haven't done. I haven't done much industry, for example, but industry is mandatory 'pvp' and impossible to make money on starting out -- the cost of materials for a newbie buying a random blueprint (and blueprints aren't cheap!) is more than the retail price of the final product as mass-produced by established manufacturers.

I did do a fleet action with some other newbies, and... there was lots of waiting around. And NPCs are extremely stupid -- they never switch targets, so one battleship gets aggro and then everyone else in frigates or cruisers can plink at them with impunity until the next wave shows up. This means you can't really take on enemies harder than you can solo, because one person still has to tank all the damage. Barring remote shield boosters and stuff.
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