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Spacing out...

Apparently, the open beta of WAR is only open to people other than me. Leaving aside the TOS that ban employees of any company that publishes or develops videogames, the open beta codes I got from Target didn't work. They were $1, so I bought a second when the first didn't work, but it didn't work either.

When I was at Target getting the second I also picked up a copy of Spore and played that instead. Wow, the game is really... um... not finished. Not buggy-unfinished, like you might get with a classical waterfall model of development being rushed out the door, but 'feature-light', like you might get with a feature-crew model being rushed out the door. And playing it, I'm not sure which is worse... at least with bugs, you can generally expect patches to fix them. Are they going to patch Spore to add the missing gameplay to the first four stages?

Maybe there'll be a Spore 2. Or a 3rd party knockoff that does it right.

Meanwhile in EVE, I've hit the point where there isn't much I can train quickly to add new gameplay features. Only things I can train slowly. A week until I can use EW drones (and get the skill that doubles the damage of attack drones), a week until I can use Caldari Cruisers and Battlecruisers, a week until I can use Battleships at all and probably at least two weeks before I can use one well enough to be worth taking it out of the station. A week until I could use assault frigates or stealth bombers (maybe more for the stealth bombers), and let's not even think about the heavy assault cruisers!

Not to mention a week to actually train up medium guns to a proper level of competence instead of just sort of barely being decent with them, same for missiles.

These are all different weeks, by the way.

I spent the last week training Learning skills. >:P
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