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...not an entirely accurate title, since I've mostly been playing Order. For the last couple days, there was a 'headstart' if you pre-ordered WAR. And it looks like you don't actually need to buy the game to keep playing the headstart until Monday(?) so... er...

Anyway, a brief summary:
(1) It's exactly like WoW. If you don't like WoW, you won't like it, and if you do, you probably will.

(2) Public Quests are a really good idea, loads of fun when there's enough people on. Not so much fun when there aren't enough people on, because one group isn't always enough to win one, and that gets frustrating.

(3) RvR instances are a big focus -- no matter where you are in the game (including 10 seconds after you create a new character) there's a batteground thingy you can queue for. It's not a good idea to actually queue for one until you're at least level 5 or 6. Even though one of the first quests you get is 'participate in an RvR scenario'.

(4) The game has some bizarrely evil quest design, and not in a good way... things like 'give level 1 n00bs a quest to participate in RvR', or a quest where it tells you to click on the body behind a tent, but none of the half-dozen bodies behind the tent work -- you actually want a body *next* to the tent that isn't even always there all the time. Or having half the quests where you use an inventory item on an object require you to click the object, and the other half require you to click the item in your inventory. Or having 'click the object' quests silently fail if someone else is trying to click the object at the same time.

(5) The UI is even more evil. All the buffs and debuffs appear in an unsorted list of icons under your character... the colors seem random, and the icons are obscured by the countdown timer, so in practice there's no way to tell if that thing that appeared is a very slow heal over time or a taunt that means you have to attack a specific player (who won't be called out or marked in any way) or do half damage. And while it was a nice idea to have separate offensive and defensive targets, having it be at the expense of target-through is not a good tradeoff. Also, they did it poorly and you'll keep losing your offensive or defense targets or both when there's really no reason to (eg, why does looting this body mean I have to stop healing the wizard?).

(6) The animations and special effects are nothing to write home about. Or, you know, notice in any way. In PvP, damage happens to you, and you have no idea why because there's no feedback on who's attacking who with what.

I've only tried a few of the classes... keep in mind that all these are 'up to level 5' or 'up to level 8'.
Dwarven Engineer: Very very low personal damage. Turrets are fragile, but they don't take aggro anyway.

Dark Elf Sorc: Where's the damage? All packed into a 3-second cast snipe attack that will never, ever hit an enemy player, because they have 3 seconds to get out of range or break LOS. Also, they blow themselves up a lot.

Human Warpriest: Healing is all (as of level 7) very, very slot DoT. Er, HoT. Personal damage is extremely low. Also... the 'OMGWTFBBQ' about the class... if I can't heal until I fire off my melee attacks, and I'm going to be the number one target on every enemy's list, why in the name of the supposedly almighty god that I'm worshipping do I have CLOTH ARMOR?

Greenskin Black Orc: Okay, so if you chain a combo, then instead of repeatedly firing off an attack doing minor damage, you can fire off the minor damage attack, chain to a minor-damage DoT, and then as the ultimate combo finisher... an attack that does minor damage. Yeeeah. Well, okay, the finisher doesn't use mana, at least, but it's still seriously anticlimactic.

So, overall... the game needs work, but it's stable enough to be fun. And the people who know what they're doing in PvP say the PvP is decent. I wouldn't know because it all seems totally mysterious and random to me, with no clear rhyme or reason behind who lives and who dies -- just like in every other game with PvP.
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