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Last night, in WAR, I got disconnected four times, had to relog to fix a bug that left me unable to loot enemies or get a share of party loot, for a while had really horrible and awful lag while standing in a relatively deserted section of the map (fortunately this went away after a bit), and after declining a scenario when the rest of my party went inside, was unable for the rest of the night to synchronize my queue-waiting with them in order to get into the same iteration of the scenario (despite trying things like everyone leaving the queue and then rejoining, or logging off and back on and then queueing again).

Basically, the 'join scenario as a party' feature is really fucking broken. This isn't the first time we've run into this, although the other times it was closer to the end of the night and the persistence of the bug wasn't as obvious.

Oh, and the upgrade of my dwarf's armor turned out to look exactly like the hideous newbie smock. Ugh. x.x Hopefully there'll be another upgrade soon!


I almost quit Final Fantasy Tactics again. Without warning, I got thrust into a looong sequence of battles with no opportunity to level up or resupply in between them, culminating in a completely unfair boss fight. The first boss fight in the game. Bosses, apparenty, are just like in other FF games -- they ignore all the rules and tactics that work on other battles are useless against them.

But on the third try I got lucky -- he mostly ignored my black mage in favor of smacking around the rest of the party, and while they were pheonix-downing each other to keep from turning into crystals (and being permanently dead) he managed to hit the boss for 200, 150, and 200 damage in three spells. No one else in the party could hit the boss for more than 50, including the mages I used in the second unsuccessful attempt.


I spent all weekend with SCREAMING CHILDREN. It was stevie's birthday, and mom was in town for it, so I was over visiting her and my sister and Alex and the kids and they were screaming and running around and...

Well, really the most annoying part was where I got to sit around doing nothing while mom and Anna cleaned. They said they were cleaning, anyway -- the house was perfectly clean before they started and was still perfectly clean after they finished sweeping under the rug, or dusting the baseboards, or waxing the cat or whatever imaginary tasks they made up that needed to be done. I'm not gifted with the magical make-work vision necessary to spot those sorts of opportunities, so all I could do was sit around losing at Final Fantasy Tactics.

Sunday morning was the actual party, which is where the screaming came in mostly. There were something like 13 kids there, and every few minutes one of them would scream something, like 'Uh oh, pizza plate!' and then all the other kids would take up the chant...

The parents were also there, grilling me on who I was and why I was there near their children.

Afterwards, we headed downtown to the waterfront, though, to see some goofy shops and look at the ferries. That's where I got the magnets.
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