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What WAR needs

(1) More flight paths. One in each quest hub, not one in each war camp. From the marshes, for example, it can take upwards of a half hour to run to the nearest warcamp! Lock the extra ones until you find them.

(2) Less lag. MY GOD THE LAG. Some of it is video lag and I could fix it by upgrading my computer (although they could probably fix the worst of it, like the 10-second pause when the city minimap switches from indoors to outdoors, which you have to do TWICE to get from the flightmaster to the main city square), but some of it seems to be actual network lag. Like, the parts where I get disconnected.

(3) PQs need to scale based on how many people are in the area. Scale the loot too. Aim for having enough loot for about half the people there, and for having the quest be *possible to complete*. The reason everyone's flocking to the already-high-population servers is because of this.

(4) Some sort of forum or message board, somewhere, where people could talk about the game. Or is there one? I've looked all over and not found any sign of one.
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