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Weekend of BLAH

Friday night the game was cancelled on account of Rainfurrest. Since I worked that day, I didn't go to the con -- isntead, I took the time to relax and watch some TV, play city of heroes and EVE, and otherwise do the things I hadn't been able to the previous weekend because of family.

Saturday, I did go to the con. I met Tarka there who did his best to remind me why he's much more annoying in person than online... I saw Brelen and got his IM ID so that maybe I can get in touch with him sometime... I saw lots of other people that I meet in RL all the time (or would if I ever went to the crossroads meet -- it's been a while, between one thing or another).

The con's production values seemed good this year, but the fundamentals were weak -- tiny dealer's den, tiny art show, TINY TINY game room, and a general hangout space that we got ejected from in the middle of the day for no good reason. I wasn't THAT sad, because it meant I could go to the CoH thing that had been scheduled for the same day -- just dinner with the local CoH LJ people.

After I left I realized that I'd left just before a couple events I wanted to see, but meh. I could probably get back in time for the big one -- some sort of performance thing? So I kept driving. Besides, I needed to pick up comic books on the way.

I got there a little late but not too late to eat, and it was kind of fun talking to them, although I missed the introductions so I had no idea who was who. Afterwards, though, it was later than I thought, and I reeeeally needed to go to the bathroom, so I stopped at home for that and... crap, it was 7:45. There was NO WAY I was getting down to the airport in 15 minutes even if traffic was clear and there was no construction. But traffic wasn't clear. And there was construction. So, fuck.

So I spent the rest of Saturday watching TV, playing CoH, etc. Then Sunday, the D+D group did board games instead because no one showed up. We played an abortive game of Tikal (Eric and Tom both conceded when I had double their score after the second volcano and a much better board position), an abortive game of Space Truckers (which I thought was really neat, but Eric got frustrated with when I finished building my ship too fast, which put everyone else on a short timer), and then a bunch of quick games of Race for the Galaxy, which is sort of like Peurto Rico lite. And in space.

Game 1: I play SPARTA and conquer a bunch of worlds which give me nothing, and fail to build the improvements that would actually give me victory points. Tom runs away with the game.

Game 2: I play Epsilon Eridani and quickly get a production/consumption cycle going like Tom had in the game before. Tom rushes to end the game early but not early enough. MUA HA HA.

Game 3: I draw Old Earth as the homeworld and soon add New Earth and Earth's Lost Colony. Despite (or perhaps because of) the accidentally themed empire, I never get anything actually working, and lose 16 points to Tom and Eric's 22 each (they weren't doing so hot either, but Eric was getting tired of the game I think).

After that, I came back and played a little Warhammer with Rowyn and Trask. It was not a good night for stability. After they went to bed, I flew back to an early renown merchant and tested the stuff he sold for salvageability -- it turns out the gloves and boots can be salvaged, so I managed to get my talisman making up to 29 for only about a gold. I put the talismans up on the market for maybe 40 silver all told if I actually sell them -- that seemed to be the going rate people were asking for, although no one was even bidding on the ones with 1 copper starting bids. The auction house is too damn inconvenient to reach, just like the bank, only it's worse for the auction house to be that way because it means no one will ever buy your stuff.

I wanted to play a little more this morning -- I went to sleep around midnight because I was tired, because I'd stayed up until 5am Saturday night, because for some mysterious reason I couldn't sleep. That mysterious reason turned out to be that my matress had slid a little more off of horizontal than usual and I was trying to sleep at a 30-degree angle. But anyway, I was up early this morning and tried to log on to warhammer but... oops! It's fucked up and gives me an 'incorrect password' error at the final login step where you'd actually get to play after the fifteen previous steps which *are* password protected and *don't* give an error -- I tried using the wrong password and didn't even get to the patcher. So, yay.
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