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Fed up

I cancelled EVE because I didn't have any desire to play it, and hadn't for about two weeks.

WAR is pissing me off.
(1) It keeps fucking dropping connection, even at times when the network is totally open. Like, say, the middle of the night. Every ten minutes, poof no connection.
(2) The crafting sucks worse than any game I've ever played, including ones without any crafting at all. You don't get enough raw materials as you level to keep up with the speed that your enemies start dropping raw materials of the next level. Even with alts and friends helping out, I'm stuck at 46 skill (the skill where store-bought components stop giving skill ups) on multiple characters. Who, at level 13, are getting drops that require 75 skill to use. And I don't have anywhere enough banked at the 50-skill level to take me from 50 to 75, even if I magically find 4 level 25 seeds and they all give me a skill point.
(3) Every time you get booted off -- which happens a LOT -- you have to deal with the horrible, horrible login app. It's really bad. Most games' login apps are kind of flaky and perfunctory, but this one really overachieves in the sucking department. Twenty dozen dialogs that all run on separate threads, cooperating to make a bewildering, fragile state machine of listboxes and popups that must be navigated in precisely the right order -- discovered through trial and error, and relearned after every patch adds new steps -- to bring you to the screen where you must click the 'play' button exactly once, not to early, not twice, ONCE after it's ready to receive your click. You'll know it was ready if, eventually, after it thinks about it for a while while giving you no feedback, it starts to load the game. If you click it twice, it'll boot you to the desktop for trying to log in twice, and you'll have to go through it all over again.

Wait, sorry, did I say 'boot you to the desktop'? I meant 'put you into a state where your only option to escape is to quit to the desktop, but it pretends that you still have options'.

It especially likes to boot people off in the middle of scenarios, I've noticed. Or if they're about to go to bed after taking care of *one last thing*. NO LAST THING FOR YOU.
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