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Meeting the neighbors

Played some mutants and masterminds last night.

After picking out rooms, the kids went to bed, and woke up in the morning when skkateboarding kids started messing around in their courtyard. Being kids themselves, and pretty sure that their general mission was to win hearts and minds, they came outside to skate with them -- a lot of them still bolted, since the abandoned building they'd been using as a skate park and graffiti wall wasn't abandoned anymore, but a couple stayed to mess around and talk.

Fractal decided to explore the base while Liquidfist, Morph and Pocket Fluff talked with the kids, and found out that it was a converted space ship. Probably never intended to fly again -- it had permanently installed utility hookups and such, and it wasn't really airtight anymore -- but it did have a seemingly functional (but long deactivated) life support system and a generator.

Before long there was another commotion. TREASURE's workers were showing up for a day on the job at their warehouse... and a street gang was waiting for them to tell them that it wasn't their warehouse anymore. There was some yelling, so Pocket Fluff decided to teleport over and kidnap their leader back to the base.

This didn't amuse him. "You mess with the Dangers, we'll dang you to heck!" Pronounced Dang-er, of course. He set off a flare with his sword to call the rest of the gang, and then he and Pocket Fluff tried to stare each other down, without much luck on either side.

Then Liquidfist started trying to grapple him, and Fractal disarmed him of his sword and rammed it into the ground. Morph joined in with some 'poison kisses', and he was pretty out of it by the time his gang skated up over the side of the building and unloaded on the party with energy pistols. The only person they hit (much) was Fractal, whose powers automatically diffracted the light-based attacks (they were microwave pistols, nonlethal weapons that did damage by causing intense pain).

Then fractal and liquidfist knocked them all down in seconds. They were pretty pathetic. But that distracted everyone long enough for the leader to recover from his daze and stun, break out of the grapple, and try to make a run for it. Morph (as Sonic) and Liquidfist were faster than him, though, and PocketFluff could teleport.

Tenebra briefly possessed the truck's computer to try to rescue the Danger, but she failed to be stealthy and the party had no trouble popping her tentacles before they could accomplish anything, faster than she could summon them, so she left before getting beaten down again.

Anyway, Fractal called for a police van to take the Dangers into custody, and then investigated why the warehouse had been sold to HAZARD. The TREASURE workers called their head office, who insisted that it hadn't... but changes of soverignty were a matter of public record, and there was the transaction -- $20 million paid by ejg873gg98@anonymizer.com (or something along those lines).

Fractal was able to hack into the not-especially-secure anonymizer site, and tracked it down to the same computer Morph had found Tenebra originating from the night before. And at about the same time, too. Once that evidence of foul play was (automatically) reported to CONTROL, it took seconds for the transaction to be cancelled and the warehouses put back under TREASURE control.

There wasn't any similar evidence of computerized tampering for the apartment blocks that the skater kids had said had changed from orange to red sometime yesterday as well -- a quorum the residents had called for a vote, and overwhelmingly voted for HAZARD. They were all the same people who'd voted last time, and it had happened at a time of day when most of them would have been at home. It *was* pretty suspicious that the whole thing happened so *fast* though -- from calling a vote to a HAZARD majority in record time -- but if it was a hack job, it was a better one than Tenebra would have been able to manage from what they'd seen of her skills.

Before leaving, though, the skater kids had warned the superheroes that there were a LOT more Dangers than the dozen or so they'd had arrested, so they should be careful in case they tried something.

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